Have you tried the lactofermentation at home? What are your best tips to get the best result?

I had to use Google here to find out what it is. So no, I haven’t tried it and after having found out, I don’t want to try it either!

Lacto-fermentation… (On Sequoia) Tells a whole story about how you do this and mentions salt and brine as part.That seems to me to be far from ideal, also because a lot of salt will sit in your food and that’s not sensible. But yes, salt is an important tastemaker and people quickly use too much of it.

Lacto-The Green woman describes the same process.Here again the use of a lot of salt to let your vegetables rot in a pot causing bacteria to go to work in your food and convert the nutrients to other nutrients. If the environment is completely oxygenated, only Lactobacteria can do their work and they make lactic acid to the benefit of the taste again.

But just thinking, I think my mother always did this.And my grandmother. And some aunts of mine. Only the name is strange because my mother just stopped growing in a jar to canningit.Difference is only that my mother did not cook the jar afterwards to make it sterile so that she actually went to ferment.

I have never eaten here because there are risks that the wrong bacteria can survive.Then you have a nice meal followed by 8 hours of spending on a porcelain throne… I prefer fresh meals.

But for a good result, oxygen is the enemy.Put everything in a pot, mash it up, salt it, moisture. (Bouillon, for example, what you just cooked.) And to fill the edge and close it well. And keep a good eye on it.

And realize that fermented food should not be a main meal but simply a tastemaker with the meal.Because you use salt, you should not use salt for the rest of the meal…

A2A.No, having grown up in Z O Asia does not fit our background, “Wecken” etc. We do not know.
Of course we eat fermented food for example.Yogurt, Tempe, but these we buy in a shop.

In NL There is a fairly wide-behaved house against self-fermentation, I suffer less from it and never got sick of it.

There is actually only 1 recipe that I make, from the Ukrainian (never visited incidentally) and that’s called Bietenkvass.You buy 2 fresh beetroot, she bosses and grates them raw with some sea salt, ginger and lemon zest or lemon juice. Instead, you can cut the beetroot into pieces. Put all the ingredients in e.g. a bottle where cloudy apple juice has been seated. Fill with water, close and leave approx 12 to 18h on room temp. Then in the cooling, evt what gas let escape. If t goes well you have a healthy light sparkling mineral rich beverage. Advice: 1 glass per day. If T does not go well, the vegetable becomes a slimy mass and there are no bubbles. Then you have to throw away and try again. If T did succeed, then you can when the bottom comes in sight, t add another n times with another tasty result.

Oh yeah I also make milk kefir.Buy very good kefir in the organic shop. Drink that but keep a bottom. Fill with milk (not sterilized) and leave to stand for a day. Then in refrigerator. I’ve completed t to 4 X and always had new delicious kefir.

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