Have you travelled with portals like Couchsurfing and what were your experiences?

Yes I am.

Generally my experiences about couchsurfing:

It helps to plan early.Last minute requests are generally difficult, but possible.

In large cities, where many travel, active hosts receive many requests.For example, 5-10 per day. Consider this when you send a request – how can you stand out?

The problem is, personal requests usually cost a lot of time.I often searched for suitable hosts for 4-5 hours while traveling for a city and wrote requests and only received cancellations or no feedback at all. It’s easier to set up a “public trip” once per city, that is, write a public text, when you’re in that city and what you want to do there, and then wait for the hosts to answer you. But you need at least 2 weeks in advance, otherwise it probably won’t be anything.

Once you have found hosts, the biggest difficulty and the biggest disadvantage of couchsurfing is overcome.

Most of the hosts are already a bit experienced and very open-minded and open-minded.I met many very interesting people and had a great time.

Please make sure that your hosts have a pleasant time with you.So, for example, don’t make any demands that you would make in a hotel where you pay money, because your host does this completely free of charge and voluntarily for you. Of course, you are allowed to politely communicate wishes or criticism – you should also feel comfortable.

Bring a small gift from your region or your last destination, which is always well received. It’s not a must, of course.

Clean after you’ve used something.Offer to buy the food or share in the costs. Ask before you use things in the household that you haven’t talked about yet.

Also pay attention to your personal hygiene.Many hosts can understand it when you arrive sweaty, but there you have the opportunity to shower or make yourself fresh, and you should use it. Also applies to brushing teeth and fresh laundry 🙂

Some hosts like to spend time with the guests, others have to do and leave you as much as possible to yourself.It’s best to address this point before visiting so that you can adjust to it. For example, if you have a busy schedule in your destination city, but your host wants to spend time with you, leave a day earlier or a day later. If your host doesn’t have time, but you have a lot, you can e.g. via the Hangout function find other surfers/hosts in the city with whom you can do something.

In general, it’s worth it, especially if you’re taking a bit of time and you’re open-minded.I hope my experiences will help you 🙂

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