Have you seen Bird Box on Netflix? Did you feel it right?

Yes I have seen Bird Box, like so many if I can believe the posts with the ‘ viewing figures ‘.

I loved it. Almost the entire film is with tension.Only the end I found quite against falling. But don’t let it open to make any further sequel.

I saw the trailer.Not really my thing-but if you want to look at a night something you don’t have to think about, definitely a candidate.

Then started all that hype and hassles around it and my interest with the Noorderzon left.

I’ve seen the movie, but got a strong feeling that Netflix saw “A quiet plae” and thought “we can do that too but how do we make it a little more cliché?” and then they came up with a human badguy.

This was very disappointing for me because the idea behind Birdbox is certainly a very good idea, an idea that is so screwed up by the existence of a human villain.The movie a “quiet place” had much less impact if there had been a badguy who, for whatever reason, had worked with the monsters and made noise in places where people were.

The addition of a badguy in Birdbox in my opinion has done the film more harm than good, but the film is still an entertaining look.


I give it 2 stars.

I didn’t have a good movie.Therefore, less than 3 haha:)

The end was Prut.No, really. Very disappointing. There are quite a few other things in which you think “najaaaaaaa.” Yes, you are sitting on a small boat with 2 children, all three with a blindfold, and no one has to pee. Sure. Quite likely. That can be best 3 hours. But not the 48 they say. Anyway, that whole trip on that boat adds little to the story itself. It’s not really exciting, apart from that one crazy and the rapids nothing happens, and it takes (so) far too long. And that girl floats away as the boat flips but still has that bike bell? Really not. That she is still alive is already beautiful. That kind of thing, that’s just really very bad.

The side line how damaged it is and how to do it with the children… Oh, they skipped that.Instead of draught, that was a clear attempt at depth, and if you’re only aiming, in a movie, you’d better leave it. That Tom thinks that she does not give the children a name, and that she does not want to play and also does not find that he is playing with the children is ridiculous. These children are so damaged, no way that they will happily join the doctor at the end and happily play along.

But it was an entertaining film.Weird, but entertaining. Therefore, at the top end of the category “Not a good film.”

Sandra Bullock is Sandra Bullock, I love her (although Gravity is one of the worst movies I’ve seen).

And the tension was fun and well done.Intriguing idea, too.

But it could have been so much better.

Not looked, and probably I’m not going to do it either.Must always think of the smiling Sandra Bullock who calls the monster (cut out) a ‘ long Fat baby ‘.


Not good.I looked at 10 – 20 minutes, hoping for better. Waste of Time

I found him nice, but also not great again.The book I found better. In addition, I found Sandra Bullock a bit irritating and rather flat as far as her character is. But I was very pleased with it, and I liked the subject.

N.B. I heard that there were people who started walking around the street with a blindfold, and that accidents came from there….

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