Have you found your soulmate?

Probably not all of them yet.There are many relatives, even at the level of the soul. As with other relatives, you spend more or less time with your soulmates.

A soulmate is someone with whom one feels a special affinity and who can teach one something important in life – or even MUST.

That’s why you don’t have to get married right away!

A good friend, an influential teacher, perhaps a grandmother with which one likes to spend a lot of time, a lover, even an alleged random acquaintance – all these people can harmonize at the soul level with one in a way that you can do it for a life is no longer forgotten.You can meet for an evening, for a week, for four months of infatuation or for half a life, but often enough it is not forever. As soon as the situation has dissolved, the new path has taken off, the dice have been thrown – then you no longer need the help of the soulmate and you go his way.

The encounter with a related soul often causes a radical inner change, the beginning of a new phase of life.More often than one might think, one also has a similar influence on the soul mate. However, the impression of this encounter in one can be so strong that one rarely notices anything of it.

You can hardly “seek” his soulmate – and thus not find him.You usually meet her completely unexpectedly, this encounter can be both salutary and above all instructive but also frightening, one fears that one’s life threatens to slip away, one is afraid of too drastic change, which one does not desired and still cannot stop.

Then you are happy for someone who can give you a foothold.One who understands you, right down to the innermost area.

Two souls with a particularly great affinity for each other are not only “related” to each other, they represent a kind of spiritual couple, where one perfectly complements the other, as if only the pair were complete.If two such people meet, then their union is inevitable – or one believes for a lifetime that etws is missing. Such a fusion, which is also described in the Bible as an ideal state (… until they become a meat…..) is now in reality hardly tolerable for most. Nowadays, you need more and more freedom!

If one understands by “soul mate” such a thing, then it is probably extremely rare.To look for someone like that is quite hopeless, because if you are already complete as an individual, you don’t need “other souls – half”. But a real encounter with his other “soul half” may be both inevitable and shocking in a positive sense. It’s like, “Oh, HERE you’ve been going around all the time….?” You understand, no, you trust yourself right away, there is no feeling of fear, no distrust and no getting used to eachother.This almost immediately adjusting intimate ness is usually also noticeable for outsiders.

If you are interested in such considerations and are able to speak the English language, you can read through quite a lot of relevant information in the English Quora.Keyword “Twin Flame”. By the way, quite a lot of people from India who have a very special view of the soul also write there. I do not want to say that these are scientific facts, but I can understand certain parts of it in some way. The Quora robot may also have “thought” that I might be interested in this topic because of a few of my contributions and not completely mistaken in it. I only found out about it in the summer of 2018.

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