Have you experienced the differences between East and West Germany yourself?

Shortly after the wall fell, my father put children in our cars and said, “Now let’s take a look at what socialism makes of a country,” we’re off.
We had been to Romania and Hungary before (shortly before I was trained, respectively.as a young teenager) and I can only remember that there was hardly anything sensible to eat and I had diarrhoea all the time and since there were no medications, I had to dissolve and drink coal tablets. I will never forget that. But Romania was, of course, also a number harder than the GDR.
Hungary was quite nice, but they already had the borders “holey” at that time and at Balaton many tourists were running around anyway.

We drove a bit through the area in the GDR and looked at a lot.Everything was grey and broken, the houses, the streets, …
We were also eating in a small inn, where there was not everything on the menu.At least there was bratwurst with roast potatoes, so the world was fine for me again.

Afterwards I was very often at events in Mecklenburg Vorpommern and also helped a lot and was able to see how the people there fared.

I will never forget a story.

We sat at sunrise in the paddock of our event at one of these avenues and stopped a bang.
Someone had come off the road and slammed into a tree.
We then went there, called the police and fire brigade and tried to help.The driver, who did not look good, approached and tried to keep in mind. Unfortunately he was trapped in the car and we didn’t want to move him unnecessarily.
At some point the police showed up and what happened was really not normal.
They ran around the car once, then the ambulance came and went back to their Lada.
When asked if they had an idea what to do now and if they didn’t want to help, the saying really came: “No – they’d rather do it.When he dies in my hands, I have a lot of paperwork. I’ll leave that fine.”
As a result, an acquaintance of mine became very upset and asked if they still had all the gatherings.
They then took him to the car, recorded his personal details, accused him of having drunk and therefore should not be at the scene of the accident… It definitely got pretty loud.
However, by now half of the paddock was awake and watched/listened, so that the men’s policemen then let go of him with the words: “You still hear from us”.
Eventually the fire brigade came, in the Ifa laster with new separating scissors “from the west”, which they could not operate, so that people of us who were with the volunteer fire brigade helped them.
In the end, it didn’t work …

Wasn’t a nice story.

I then worked for a while in Salzgitter, where many colleagues came from the Magdeburg corner.
What I remember from that time was the big difference in the cost of housing compared to “home”.Some of them had houses for 60 – 80 tsd. DM. This meant that i didn’t even get two rooms of property.

What also struck me was what my East German colleagues ate lunch – and what I ate lunch. You could sum it up as “that’s how Grandma cooked.”

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