Have you ever wanted a job after the first job interview? What was the reason for this?

The best man asked me ‘ have you written that letter myself? ‘ He really could not imagine, that I had written such a thing and that with only a MAVO diploma.

I have only completed the MAVO, however my school career is little to no representative of what I can and who I am.As a teenager I was depressed, I didn’t know about my autism yet. I started on HAVO/VWO.

From stimuli to just quite different thinking, that period was for me a hell (with my parents and teachers).I could and can learn well, but I was over-stimulated day in and day out. I didn’t get any pockets that I had before, but I didn’t manage to put them on a blank battery. One translated this as ‘ she does but what she wants ‘ ‘ only if she likes it does she do her best ‘. So what do you do with such a person. Punishment! As a result, I was from 8 to 5 in school (good for the incentives!), that would teach me to make my homework and get good grades! Eh Yes. Unfortunately they did not control homework and sat there every time a different teacher, so I said every time ‘ I have to write a text for English ‘ (or Dutch or whatever language) and I was very eager to get away. I like to write stories. Always found, always been done. I also let teachers read it and asked them for tips, which in turn they found to be very nice, but I did not do my homework.

After that question I neatly finished the conversation and decided that I was not going to work there.With a manager who looks down on people and is so short-sighted (and especially convinces with his own vision) there is no way to work with it. Moreover, he wanted me to start in a junior function that paid very badly, while I had 5 years of work experience.

Nice fact, I refused the function.Two months later I joined another part of that company, where I immediately got a senior position with another manager (who did not have the same on this man).
The first next company outing I met him.’ Gosh what are you doing here? ‘ he asked me. Then I said ‘ yes very crazy, my current manager did believe that I had written my letter myself. ‘ He stood with his mouth full of teeth.

I was very looking forward to this feature and had prepared the job interview well.

Upon entering I was delighted to see that I was met by the director himself and the HR manager.They were jovial, very friendly. There was definitely a click with both of them.

After exchanging civility I was allowed to take place.

The HR manager sat down in front of me.

The director grabbed his seat, put it BEHIND me and sat down too.

During the interview, the HR manager and the director obviously had constant eye contact.I have sustained it to 20 minute, when I kindly thanked for the feature and I am running away.

This is undoubtedly a psychological trick and will have been extensively studied and will have proven its usefulness.I found it shameless.

If this was a test to see how I am going, and how much patience I have with nonsense then I have fallen riant.This kind of thing is really not spent on me.

Total mismatch.

Beginning 2014 I came for the first time in my life with no income to sit.No job, no business, no project, no Stufi (:-P). I decided to apply and a secondment agency offered me a job with an insurance company.

  • Easy hours
  • Reasonable wages
  • Various work floor
  • Etcetera

I was at that time dependent on public transport, something I had indicated to the recruiter.On the day of application I took 2 trains earlier to be on time. Unfortunately the train fell silent and I would just come 5 minutes late.

Of course I had this by email and Bell indicated along with a picture of where I was sitting.You may understand where it is going. I eventually came running in and I was 3.5 minutes late.

The first thing that was said: too late is a problem huh? I did agree that this was so.Showed the ticket and the time of departure plus the email and phone call to the recruiter.

The look on the face of the person opposite me departed in a way that seemed very weird to me.I asked him.. ” Does it make sense now to go ahead or is this a dealbreaker?”

After some silence I was allowed to walk through and I found out that what was considered as a simple first application, resulted in a full selection day with 30 + candidates.

[Luckily I have done my suit today!Luckily I had this in assessment exercises.

After half a day I got a department leader (Al) for me as the last conversation, someone I hadn’t seen/talked about all day:

Al: How do you find it going today?

I: well it is completely different than I was told by the recruitment agency, but interesting!

Al: Ah But you did not have such a good start according to me?

I: [Where does IE have it, I’m neat, polite, representative, shaved, I watch my language… serious to come late?!

Yes indeed I was just too late.The train stood quietly for an hour as it passed and time earlier today. I apologize for this

Al: This cannot happen

I: Of course, coming in time is essential, given the structures you have here I can easily see that punctuality is important. I left for xx: xx from Rotterdam. Normally this is an excellent margin, unfortunately it is my bad luck to come too late. I hope that this incident has not left a wrong impression with you.

This went on for a while and I was asked in several ways how to come late was a factor in my other features.As a student I worked as a radio editor and I also referred to:

Sir, as an editor, I voluntarily had a daily programme under my care.That meant……. I am aware of punctuality. Is there something you want to know from me explicitly? Or I simply don’t make a chance anymore.

Al: No no, we have seen more often that Bfiles people are strucureel too late.We just want to avoid that.

Two days later I got the recruitment agency on the phone:

Have you made someone angry?You have the job and can start Monday 8 hours. But you really shouldn’t come too late. I would not get a minute late for the first month because I just had a discussion with this party…. Etcetera.

I had no view on another job and I had a month left at the end of my money, but I refused the job on the spot.

I’ve been hooked up to the first phone call.I had applied for a warehouse employee function for Picnic, a hugely fast growing company that delivers groceries. Well I had heard all this from the news and through trade unionists, but warehouse work normally paid relatively well. Think between 14 and 18 euros p/h. Usually the base wage is not very high, but there is a nice percentage surcharge, generally plowing fee.

In addition, I had to have money fast because I was temporarily unemployed, so how bad could it be.

I am called by a recruiter, anyway one of my least favorite people on the job market.After having told everything, you always come out at: “Wa Scrolls da”

I: “Do you have your cold-cell surcharge?”

Recruiter: “No.”

No problem, not many companies that do that, and it’s times are no longer what’s been

I: “Is there evening surcharge, or weekend surcharge?”

Recruiter: “No, not even.”

Hmmm, fine, the shift fee will be okay then.

“and shift fee then?”

Recruiter: “No either.We do not charge any surcharges…

U uuhhhhhhhh….. Wages will be fine

and the Paid 9.72.

Minimum wage to stand in a warehouse, just go find another crazy, haudoeeee.


I once applied for a job not because I really wanted to change work, but because the advertisement really felt like I wrote on my body.All the things they asked were directly on my background and experience.

The interview consisted of two parts: with the director of the Institute and with the direct manager of the position.My conversation with the director went perfectly, not only was it clear that that job was written on my body, but also that there was a good personal click. Then came the conversation with the direct manager and that was a disaster. Not only did it actually have no time for the process, but it also quickly turned out that he actually wanted a very different person in his department than his director had planned.

Needless to say, I kindly thank you when the director called me and I was offered the job.Even after an increase in the salarisbod.

2 times:

1st time: Marechaussee.Physical inspection, no problem. Psychic inspection, no problem.

I had to come back for a second round and then I was supposed to have general world knowledge.

Now when you stand as a guard, do I have to know certain things, but who is in the cabinet in Egypt and who is the Minister of Transport?

I did not consider the usefulness of it, nor did it learn, and indeed, end of the story.

2nd time: Navy, at the connections on a ship.Am I in Hollandse Rading for the inspection, say also present sailors: On a ship?, in Amsterdam, 20 meters under the ground in a bunker, that chance is much bigger when you come to the connections.

I do not go to the Mariine to sit in a bunker, then I could have sat down better close to home in Deelen.

Asked the reviewers and yes it was so. Rejected for Demotivation.

Currently I have a beautiful job for years, so sorry?, no second!!!.

When I applied for a function with quite a few requirements and I stated very clearly in my letter what I had experience with, etc. I was not asked for my can during the entire conversation.It came down to the company having too short of women and the fact that I was a woman was already enough reason to take me. However, it gives to be assumed because I am a woman I am not determined the idea that I will be taken seriously and judged on mine. I kindly thank you.

Yes, it happened to me that after a good job interview through a temporary employment agency I no longer wanted a job.

At that time I had to go abroad within a few days.Because of this I can no longer work. But in retrospect I actually just had to appear and after a few days say goodbye.

What I have learned is that you actually have to stand up for yourself.Often an intercedent also thinks of himself and not to you.

I hope I have answered this question well.Hopefully you have something to answer my. Thank you for asking me this question, C茅line D茅camps (Quora user).

Occasionally.It is also not so abnormal: the company is trying to evaluate you and you also get a chance to do the same.

A few times I rejected a job because the building looked unzelly.

Occasionally I had an interview with someone I thought could not cooperate with.

I regularly reject jobs because during the conversation it appears that the content is not as interesting as it was on the offer.

Sometimes one deals with the operation of the company and I think I would not want to work.

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