Have you ever used DMT? How was it?

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My answer will be far from being as comprehensive/complete as some of the others here, but this I am just to share my experience with.The first time I did that, I almost certainly know that I did not do enough. Let me explain: Terrence McKenna says in his recorded talk about DMT that you are taking the first hit, and you feel good, you don’t feel needed anymore, then you take the second hit. When the second hit starts to kick in (it touches you in less than 5 seconds after inhaling), you get crazy pictures and you feel that you have done too much. That’s when you take the third time. You take the third battle to break the barrier too… What? Egodood, another dimension? That depends on it. Anyway, the first time I did that, I only took the first two hits.

I sat down on the bed, closed my eyes for what 200 years felt (but in reality it was probably only 10-20 seconds) and when I opened them, I could not recognize anything other than the wall I looked at.I looked at my hands and I had absolutely no idea what I was looking at. It looked like an alien growth of… What? My body what is a body? When I started looking at mine, I slowly began to realize what a body was.

Some people describe the experience as being literally born again, as a child, and now I understand what they mean.

DMT not 芒 鈧?艙as such芒 鈧?芒 鈧?娄 but do have LSD and Psylocybin.LSD long ago as a student, but Psylocibin still rather medicinaal芒 鈧?娄 what brings me to the workings. I think that any adult who would bear any responsibility should be able to choose a more mentally extended experience 1 time in life. These substances do not work on the reward mechanism, like most 芒 鈧?艙drugs芒 鈧? but work by promoting a more unhindered flow of nerve impulses. The user’s brain thus gets more uninhibited impulses. Hence effects such as halucination, mystical experiences, or emergence of long forgotten memories. From my own hand I can testify, that by four moderate psychedelic sessions; In a period of six weeks spread out of the valley of a heavy burnout/depression, after years of bravery having taken the nonsense medication.
After a first session there started to burst into my lethargy, and after four sessions I was back to painting, creating music… and even occasionally some professional literature… a bonus was the many forgotten memories, which were again on dished.A month later I was full and with a lot of sense to work and since then there have been no more depressions.

The experiences themselves were very diverse, but since music is still an important part of my being, I would like to be guided by Donovan, Beatles or Pink Floyd.Some sessions were very visually and spectacularly, others then comfrontering and emotional again. Some were very demanding for the ratio, sometimes I even knew moments that one could call a 芒 鈧?艙bad trip芒 鈧? but at that time I was using an imposed blind belief in the benevolence and protective power of my females, whose rest Always returned safely. When one is only tripping, such a life-line is of vital importance. That’s why music I already knew a life, to have mental grime during the experience. Doors locked, curtains closed. Mobile phone on airplane mode. This is 芒 鈧?艙YOU芒 鈧?time.



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