Have you ever tasted cultured meat? If so, how was it? If not, would you give it a try?

Unlike the veggie meat substitutes, cultured meat is indeed meat.I suspect that it is just as tasty as meat from a genus of animals.

I have recently read a plea by Michel Vandenbosch of Gaia and that seemed really promising to me.In short, after a local anaesthetic, a biopsy of an animal was taken and the cells in a lab grow. No animal suffering and no frustrated carnivores pointed with the finger.

Oh, and much less cows with their farts that ruin the environment.Almost one fifth of the CO ² emissions on Earth comes from livestock farming.

Unfortunately I fear that it is far future music, which still needs a lot of research to make it affordable.

According to my humble opinion, the veggie industry is also not really in a position to get fierce competition.And the cattle farmers too, of course.

Finally, another compliment for the Netherlands.Apparently the Dutch entrepreneur Willem van Eelen was the pioneer of the in vitro meat, not because he was vegan, but simply because he stated that the global demand for meat is still increasing.

After his death, a Silicon Valley company bought his daughter’s patents.

A fact that, according to my humble opinion, deserves much more attention than the struggle against plastic straws.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to try it, as the tests are reserved for a select group of researchers, journalists and specific interested parties.

I would definitely try it.I think that cultured meat will become one of the most important breakthroughs of the 21st century; Perhaps even the most important. If cultured meat becomes commercially available at a price that is similar or lower than conventional meat, conventionally produced meat — and all the animal suffering associated with it — will disappear. The impact will also be enormous for the environment.

It is still very expensive at the moment, but we see the price huge pockets, just like it was with computers.Someone from the years 1970 could hardly imagine that by the year 2000 most people would have a PC, which was and very affordable and moreover also took very little place.

Only scientists who work on the breeding meat project will still have tested this or any ‘ test ‘ persons.
Breeding meat is not yet on the regular market.
A piece of laboratory farmed meat now costs thousands of euros (research costs) because there is still no mass production.

No, not yet commercially available.

In 2013, a burger of cultured meat cost another $250.000,-meanwhile the price seems to have dropped to € 10 – 20 per kilo.

Am a curious person, so if it is for sale at an acceptable price I would like to try it.
A mass of separated flesh cells gives no fear of the real consistency I would expect from minced meat.The challenge in this mass of loose flesh cells is also to cultivate connective tissue cells, collagen, so that it gets more the consistency of flesh.
For this reason found the worms made burger (ever for sale at the supermarket Jumbo) also but nothing.

I always want to try everything.

No, but good meat would be of an animal that has moved a lot, so it seems impossible for me to get this nice.I would definitely try it out.

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