Have you ever taken revenge on someone? How did that work?

Revenge is a dish best served cold

20 years ago I was 27 and I had just sold my webhosting company for millions.I was also just married.

The company ran gigantic well, and even so good that we were short of staff and space to process orders.My (then) wife also worked in the company, and we regularly made days of 16 hours a day.

After the company was sold and we had bought a large house I was no longer involved in the company day by day.But my wife still does. She was against a burn out by the long days and the high workload, combined with problems from her past.

The long days were regularly closed in the pub (our company was in the centre of Haarlem).There it turned out to be good to click with a colleague of a year or 22 who worked on the accounting department. I call him just hamster.

It turned out so good to click that my wife has gone weird with hamster.That confessed them happily right after it had happened on. We decided to go into relationship therapy quite quickly.

I have called hamster with me and explained to him that I soon no longer came to our company on the floor, and asked him if he appreciates Z芒 鈧劉 N job there.He did.

Then I asked him to promise to keep away and in return I would not dismiss him.

That promised hamster.

A man a man, a word a word.

Several months and quite a few cooking alarms at the therapist later my wife would go to Paris together with two Collega芒 鈧劉 s/girlfriends for a weekend.

That weekend I got a message that they had car breakdown, and asked my wife to pass that on to her manager.Instead of Sunday night they would come back now Monday or Tuesday because the car had to go to the garage in France. I immediately passed that.

I still had a little office in the building of my sold company which had now been given a new director from the company that had bought us over.

Walking near the coffee machine I caught a telephone conversation between one of the Collega芒 鈧劉 s and her sister, who was brought to Paris with my wife, who also worked in our company.

There was no car breakdown at all, my wife wanted to spend another day with her girlfriends and hamster who also appeared to have gone to Paris!

I was ferocious. Immediately after that I walked to her manager and told him I am lied to-and he too-and that there was no car breakdown.He gave my wife a written warning.

And hamster had not kept himself to his word.
I asked the company’s new director to dismiss him.Who refused that-which of course was good right.

That evening my wife came home.. She had taken a cup for me from Paris and had dropped them at the front door, leaving only a handful of shards left.

Symbolic Gift芒 鈧?I still flopped out.There was no answer.

I immediately stopped the therapy sessions and initiated a divorce procedure.After only a few months of marriage it turns out that pretty easy and quick to go.

But with hamster I was not ready yet.

If he did not keep His word, I had to go to his word.

Here came the thought in me to have z芒 鈧劉 n fingers at three spots each break.It’s a tricky book with little fingers on all sides. But no, I found a bit too banal. And of course I didn’t run into any risk myself.

In the year after, my office moved out of the building from my old company to another property and I had myself with a co-founder deposited on automating domain name requests for providers.

Part of it was that we had a system which of all providers could see which domain names they registered and which were lifted.

That system I had extended so that it could also show all the data of holders of domain names.

I was surprised to hear that there were quite a few domain names I had never heard of in the name of my own company.

That was weird.And it was all domain names that turned into my two-year webhosting company.

I saw the email address of hamster at the domain names, and he also offered the names for sale on his own website.

Something started to take me to days.

Hamster was employed in the accounting department.There he checked and processed domain names which had been requested by customers to lift them. But instead of lifting them, he changed the ownership data of the domain names and sold them.

All without the knowledge of his employer.

Customers sometimes need to lift names because theyInfringe on the rights of others. So what he did could really not.

At the same, you needed a company to register domain names.And he didn’t have that, so he used MY COC number, assuming I would never find out.

I decided to mail the new director (his predecessor was already gone).He had already heard enough stories about hamster and wanted to be rid of him.

At the same time there were also some lawsuits between me and the new owner of our previous company.An employee who commits fraud with my data was fine ammunition to use in those lawsuits.

To make things worse I have leaked the story about the domain names by selling employee to the press.

So the position of hamster had become completely untenable.

Hamster is then fired.

It took two years, but I had m芒 鈧劉 n revenge; I had Hamster kept to his word when he did not do it himself.

And my now ex?Hamster turned out to be gambling addicted. She often took him to a gambling with vending machines.There she fell in love with the man who exchanged the coins behind the cash register.

End well, all good.

In elementary school I have deliberately let someone stumble,

To provoke him to go behind me.

I lured my victim after a room, where I gave him a lot of battle.

These are one of the experiences I can remember from my shadow side.

A little very personal question….But ahead…. MSS some old-fashioned,., but just on the fist.,., or a baseball bat….. 脙 漏 脙 漏 N… more like warning a 44ers warehouse through the front door…, nou芒 鈧?娄. Not so exciting so.,…

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