Have you ever stopped watching TV and/or social media for a period of time? Why did you chose this?

Yes, I have stopped watching television because I was nothing more followed or kept on television and there was no use for me to keep watching the television.I watched in recent months (and also in some previous periods) only to television for sports that I followed. Since the summer of 2018 I have completely stopped accounts that I still had on social media after a period of refinishing the amount of time and attention I spent on social media. I sometimes still get indirectly references to social media sites elsewhere on the Internet or through acquaintances of mine, but I rarely look at those messages and do this no more from our own initiative. This ended up last year because of an increased need for privacy that was increasingly against the messages or news updates that I could receive via social media and which would be less easily reachable from elsewhere or Which you should look for a lot more. In the period before, I was very busy with social media, but I have retained my Facebook account for a long time to get updates on events such as meetings of the study Association and what is more Sports News and some loose news items and the period before that also only for messages of acquaintances around the time I did final exam in high school.

I’ve actually stopped watching TV a few years ago; I found reading more fun and wanted to have enough time for other things

I have not been watching TV for more than 15 years.At least, not the traditional way. I can’t tell you what it’s like, but why it’s very easy to maintain. Traditional TV viewing has 2 approaches:

  1. You watch TV when it suits you, but for content depends on a limited offer in that period.
  2. You choose the content that suits you best, but you need to adjust your schedule accordingly.

None of these options sounds acceptable to me.Therefore, the TV set in my living room is not connected directly to the cable. I only use the TV in conjunction with a Chromecast. I stream at the moment I want to sit on the couch the content I want to see at that moment from a computer or phone. Because my cable provider also offers the possibility to watch over the Internet, I therefore retain the opportunity to be able to follow a large sporting event live now and again. I also use Netflix, Google, etc. For movies and series.

So I still have to look at content that we are accustomed to consume through traditional TV, but I look at the content I want to see at the moment that suits me.The biggest advantage of this is that it has given me a huge time to do other things. Watching a movie is now a conscious choice in the place of an impulse to stay on the couch for two more hours because it happens to be a film that might be interesting. In addition, it is also wonderful to not have more constant advertising to get your living room blown up. However, this will only be realised when you are going to watch old-fashioned TV elsewhere.

Does this also have disadvantages?The only 芒 鈧?虄part 芒 鈧劉 What I noticed is that I am regularly looked at by colleagues when I have no idea who a certain BN芒 鈧劉 there is. Like all that….

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