Have you ever saved someone’s life?

Once in the middle of the night it was knocked on the door of my room.At the door was a boy, who, together with me, studied as a freshman at TU Delft. He was totally upset and could only repeat that he had found my key in his pocket and had gone to me because I had said that. I put it in my bed and I have to lie next to it. When he was slightly calmed the whole story came out.

He lived in rooms, not in a student house like me, but at a hospita.That night he had a rope tied to a bar and a chair underpinned. He stood on that chair with the rope around his neck when he felt my key in his pocket. In tears of despair and fear, he was cycled to my house.

We still fallen asleep while we were holding each other.The next morning he was able to arrange an urgent recording via the GGD.

I knew he was depressed and felt very lonely, even though he just participated in the study in a nice working group.Somehow people are easily talking to me, and that’s why I knew it wasn’t going well with him.

Mobile phones and the internet did not exist yet.We had one fixed phone on the corridor for a floor with 16 occupants. Therefore, I had given him my key and pressed the heart that he would use it if he really did not see it anymore. I didn’t think he was so desperate, but I made him very clear that he could always be with me.

I think that I have indeed saved his life, although it is natural that he himself has moved away from that chair. Some people put on So鈩?N moment anyway.He still had strength enough to make another choice.

If you read this, please realize that help can be as easy as (figuratively) opening the door to someone, and helping out to professional help.

We often stay aloof and leave people to their fate.

And if you read this while trying to make contact with someone who has not used it, that is very sad, you have no guilt on that, but know that sometimes it can run well and it’s great that you have made another attempt to Help.

Not one anyone.Now, the owner will not have seen it.

My parents and I were walking in the woods in the winter and all of a sudden heard screaming.I was a year or 10 maybe. The screams came from the piece of natural ice that we often skate on. A woman called for help. What turned out to be a Labrador was the ice on raced and now in the middle of the huge puddle sat a hole and there the head of the Labrador went up and down. “He’s going to drown!” cried the woman. It was still not cold enough at all. It had only a little frozen, he was so dropped through it.

My mother jumped directly over the fence.’ Come along! ‘ My other mother immediately panicked and rightly so, a Labrador had already dropped through it so why would the ice keep us? No idea, we were small in piece and better prepared than the Labrador. Near the hole we went on our belly and we crawled further. ‘ I’ll crawl forward and grab that dog. You have to hold my feet, when I have him you pull me backwards. ‘ I scrolled backwards back and sat down at her feet on my knees. This was mega exciting!
So said, so done.My mother grabbed the dog’s collar. He didn’t fight because he was tired of the trapping. Arm thing.

End well all good.The lady was completely in tears of joy and thanked us. That was an interesting hike!

I don’t know for sure.

In the pool there was a young girl with face down motionless in the water with slack limbs.I looked at it a 20 second and no movement. There I got nervous and lifted her up.

Everything good?

Eyes closed, no answer.

Hello, I’ll lift you out of the water here because I can’t see if you’re playing or drowning……

I tap on her hand and repeat it again.

Eyes go open and she says, Oh, that doesn’t give up though.And she goes on

I still have no idea.

Other case: I’m sitting in the living room when I suddenly feel that something is not lint. Where is my son of 5?I run through the whole house. It feels urgent. Upstairs in the attic I see a watertight fitted sheet lying with my son in it. All the way in the knot. I’ll take it out as soon as possible. This is not yet the same. Really quite in the knot. He feels limp. He is not responding. If he is out I call his name a few times. At the 5th time, he reacts if nothing was going on. Fallen asleep? Lack of oxygen and just in time? I dare not say it….

Maybe.I don’t know for sure.

An old man with Einstein her, apparently badly in the leg because he walked with crutches.He had a roller case with him and stood on the escalator.

I thought though, not very clever, why doesn’t he take the elevator.It must serve both stools and the suitcase with only two hands. Suddenly I heard something fall and saw his stools glide from the escalator to the Benenden and he stood “on four legs” with his head against the escalator himself. So I ran straight to him and tried to help him duck but he was too heavy. I held his head all the time so that his hair did not end up in the escalator, otherwise his whole scalp was torn off.

Then I saw two security officers running our way, they pulled him upstairs.

So We both missed our train to Schiphol.I walked back home (then lived near Duivendrecht station) to attract something else. My clothes sat under his blood. My neighbor even asked me who I had murdered.

I saved a friend of mine by sharing information.

She was about to undergo a weight loss operation and asked me about the protocol for the operation.

I told her all the tests that were performed, and I added, “I don’t know why, but they don’t control your heart for such a heavy surgery, which seems really odd to me, since we are morbid obese patients and our hearts are supposed to be Suffer from us being overweight.So I asked to let my heart check for surgery…. For the certainty. “.

She followed my advice and did it.It turns out that she has a very rare heart condition and that a simple anesthetic would have killed her. Her operation was immediately cancelled and she was included for extensive treatments for her heart. It’s now years ago, and although I wasn’t aware that I was saving her, my advice kept her alive.

I saved a few people during parties: too drunk or too high to realize what they were doing, I kept them safe, alive and well.Avoid a jump out of the window. Watched one while she was getting drunk fainted and had to vomit.

Another time, I saved a toddler: I wore a piece of furniture to load it in a van for my house, and I saw the toddler (son of friends) from my eye corner, he ran along my legs to the road where a car arrived at full speed.I just had time to grab him with two fingers at his collar and pull him back. His legs fly at 1 cm from the passing car.

His parents were in shock and thanked me for saving their child.

Other things happened, but they are too violent to share here.

I have done my part of saving, and what is most noteworthy is that while it is happening, you might have a tendency to deny the danger, the life-threatening event.You have to accept that the danger is immediate and real to be able to act.

Yeah it’s very crazy really but that always happens to me.It started when I was young with a girl in quicksand in Luxembourg. After that, help with accidents, collisions between trucks,鈩?s, unilateral accidents in forests, drowning and old people who became unwell. All unconsciousness people and misery, but all solved. My daughter also saved me from drowning, with big eyes looking at me from under water.

My first aid diploma from elementary School and my lifeguards (rescuing swimming) have really been worth some.I’m not a volunteer or something, always the accidental passant.

I am also just someone who wants to help others, but I think this is a mystery.

I can’t see my blood, I get short-circuiting and I’m getting sick.But at others I have the peace and the overview to help the emergency services can take over.

We will never know for sure, but I think I saved the life of my ex when he slept (drunk) on his back and started to vomit in his sleep.

I am a light sleeper and woke up because I heard a gurling sound behind me.I looked over my shoulder and saw vomit from his mouth bubbling. It was a bit…. As a volcano, but (thankfully) less powerful lol

Immediately jumped over it to put him in a side position, where all the vomit flowed from him.

We then stayed with his parents; His mother is a nurse so she responded quickly and adequately to the sounds that came from Zolder.

He had 2 glasses of wine and 4 vodka on it. We had eaten that evening with his sister 芒 鈧?”chicken Tandoori, such a package of Knorr.I’ve eaten that stuff since (1997) only 1x. Memories: S

Together with a colleague (friend) saved someone from suicide after ie had gotten wrong medications against depression.

We were at work at the Overneighbor on the roof when we heard a woman screech “help help”, we looked at each other and said “this is serious”….. Within no time we ran to the woman who told us that her husband was in the barn and bled…

We arrived in the shed and there the man sat on the ground, completely under the blood.We saw that IE had cut both wrists through and also Z, N neck had ie by trying to crop…. Luckily not the artery touched in the neck.

M, n size immediately grabbed a towel that was lying there and pressed it on Z, N neck while I tried to squeeze the veins to the wrists.

The man resisted violently and began to fight with us, eventually we got him under restraint that more or less the bleeding could decrease slightly. (The squirted IIg no longer from the wrists)

After +-10 minutes (still the man resisted violently) there came an ambulance, we helped him to lay out on the grass so that they could handle ambulance staff, we still had Z, N neck and wrists while they were working with him N, I think because we had him pretty tight and because IE still wanted to fight very hard with us.

After a while, ie was a bit calmer and IE was eventually transported to the hospital.

We then looked like a horror film, all the way under the blood of that man…

All this has had a nice impact, there will be a week for DA, K not to think, if I hear someone now screams for no reason m, N heart beats.

Nice detail is that after a few days we got a letter from the police commander with a thank you word….A liquor store;)

My little sister.We were on vacation and sat in a motel. In The bathroom fires a gas stove that was mounted on the wall. We sat together in Bath, I was 10 years and my sister was 8 years old. I saw her suddenly become white and she disappeared underwater. I jumped out of the bath and grabbed her under her armpits to keep her head above water. And began to scream very hard. Our Father heard this and came in storms and lifted my sister out of Bath and ran out with her, where she came again. Oxygen deficiency by this gas stove and luckily I did not reacted too equal time otherwise there were 2 dead children. Maybe also because I often tried to hold my breath, under water and this could stand for 2 minutes.

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