Have you ever met a well-known Dutchman? How was it?

I met Pieter van Vollenhoven when he visited my Air force part in the wake of Bernard van Lippe.Little inspirating from it, while Bernard (still before the Lockheed scandal) played a great impressive role of celebrated soldier. In retrospect, I think that Pieter has made the best of it in his limited possibilities. It is a vanispout, but that is what this position does with you, unless you are of the calibre of a Mandela, but Pieter has used his position for the good of the public cause (security) and that is very much to praise.

Now that we’re talking about a vanispout, I’ve also met Harry Mulish.It turned out to be very charming on closer, albeit superficial, acquaintance. I did not see his books too plums, but the man had really content.

With Heinz Polzer, Drs.P., I have spoken for an hour in a train coupé that we shared on the way home, late at night after work. He was very serious and entertaining. We have talked about peculiarities of language and associative thinking.

In my work I have had to deal with Else Borst.First in Utrecht, where she was medical director of the AZU and later as Minister of Health. I met her only in a professional setting and there she was exactly that: professional. I greatly appreciated her commitment to people with HIV and AIDS, because she linked that professional attitude to humanity. Actually, as you hope and expect from a doctor.

Yeah some have come across, and much more often I didn’t even know who it was.

How well known is known enough?Is Arjen Anthony Lucassen known enough? He is the mastermind of Ayreon. This music is not in the Top 40, but in the album list the last four studio albums of Ayreon were in the top 10, the most current album “The Source” even on #1!
And he is a very nice guy, always friendly and modest.Not someone who was going to walk by the success next to his shoes.

In addition, I find gymnastics a nice sport, and I have met Eythora Thorsdottir for example…

… As well as Olympic champion Sanne weavers.

The most unexpected encounter, however, was the meeting with former gymnast Berber van den Berg…

… When we actually stayed at the time of the World Gymnastics Championships in Rotterdam, 2010, in the same hostel in the same dorm room.

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