Have you ever met a narcissist? How and when did you know they were narcissistic?

Haha, the personality of my partner’s daughter I can’t better describe as “narcissistic”.When she started a relationship with a married man, I warned the ex of that married man. I didn’t know yet that her personality is that of a narcissist. But I give the text again without having to make any changes, except that I have replaced the names.

By accidentally coming across a text about narcissists on Quora, I fully understood her personality.


Dear Madam,

You don’t know me (yet) and I don’t know You (yet)

Your ex-spouse has started a relationship with my partner’s daughter

The daughter lives in the large part of the Kangaroo house where my partner officially lives and where I am a child at home.

That has come because, by ending her relationship, she did not have a home anymore and we wanted to help her take a new start

Your ex-husband was added to it later.

It has been expressly agreed that both “daughter” and “your Ex” as a guest stay with us.Although daughter has her official address with us, she is meant to build up a home as soon as possible. Your ex may not move his address to our house at all.

However, the couple does not behave like “guests”.

My partner has just denied your ex access to our house.

Your ex responds that in that case she will never see her grandchildren again!!!!!

My summary of your ex’s coming is from day one that he abandoned his own children to take away other people’s children from their grandparents (I also as a grandparent since I took the place of my partner in five years ago. Householder no husband

Know that I have encountered what it means by your partner “being scrapped as an old Schotelvod”.Please do NOT take the phrase personally. Your ex may take it personally.

As for “daughter”, I have to tell the following.She looks like a fairy and behaves initially as a fairy, but the reality is different.

“Daughter” has two major flaws.Her life motto is (she told me) “rather lazy than tired”. The second flaw is that she is only happy when most people and animals in her environment are in a constant state of “frustration”.

Her first dog sat seven days on seven 23 hours and 45 minutes locked in a bench.In retrospect, she was amazed that in protest at the first, that dog was the best occasion in the house.

I save you the stories to her own four children.

My pronostics is the following and pronostics may be wrong, I know.

Let me say so.The contrary of my assertions will amaze me more than it becomes reality.

Sooner or later, it’s hard to say when it will start, she will start your ex “frustrate”.

The relationship will therefore be Spaak

Even worse is that she will be a Cinderella stepmother for the children of you and your ex. Here too, I cannot say when it starts, but, unless the mistake is mine, it will start sooner or later and no longer cease.

Of course in such a way that Tony won’t even want to believe it yet.

She can speak out everywhere, and when she says two words, three are lied.

To you to protect your children.

I regularly meet narcissistic people.Or you mean if I meet people with a narcissistic personality disorder?

Every day when I brush my teeth.A regular person who I suspect. But a few years ago during a volunteer Christmas dinner I came by chance to a lady of whom I knew after a while that she was very far on the spectrum. This was just one piece of how great she was and what she had not done, but especially how others had been bothering her and what was wrong with the organizations and society.

When I finally got a chance to ask what she did for the volunteer organization, she first turned around a bit, but in the end it turned out that she was unemployed at home for years and received a benefit, and was invited by a knowledge.When I later spoke that knowledge-a colleague of me within the volunteer organization-she said she lived in her block and she had invited her because she was so alone and almost never came out, her family had put her on the side and had no girlfriends. She also had a little Christmas.

How clear do you want to have it.

Then he said that he looked at himself and how well it looked in the reflection of my sunglasses.

I think almost everyone in his life has ever met someone with a narcissistic personality disorder (NPS), but you don’t always notice it.It depends on what kind of contact it is and how intensely you teach and get to know someone.

Many people have a boss or a colleague who has NPS.Or a family member, a knowledge. But most likely they will not know this. Firstly, because these people are often not diagnosed, and secondly because it is not so easy to recognise NPS if you have a reasonably superficial one. Maybe that little things stand out, but they can easily be dismissed as: he/she is a bit apart.

Only when you get someone with NPS from really close, do you see what kind of harmful behavior they show and how destructive someone can be to their environment.

I myself have experience with a person who is very likely to have NPD and maybe a sociopath (but obviously I have never seen a diagnosis of him).I had a relationship with him. It certainly took a few years before I became convinced that he has a serious defect. From the beginning I had some things to do, but I waved a little away in my infatuation. In addition, a serious lack of empathy and impediment is so fierce, so unimaginable, that you almost cannot believe that this exists in humans. It’s really shocking if you’re up close to this. I can remember that some times I was really deeply shocked by his behaviour and things that I found out and could not even believe this was really true. I see that now as a kind of cognitive dissonance where I’m in wrong. I was confused by several signals that went out of him, and as a human being, you always want to keep seeing the good in someone.

So before the reality penetrated me, it took some time.I have done a great deal of research, read, made scientific articles to know what I was dealing with. Eventually I couldn’t ignore it. And with that the relationship was also over.

I also see similar traits with my ex in a married family member. Whether she really has NPS, I don’t know, but she does have a huge ego problem, which is clear to me.I see that now even more clearly, since I have experienced someone with NPS up close.

And that makes it so incredibly difficult to recognise people with NPS if you’ve never experienced one up close.You simply cannot imagine how that is and what that does with you. You have to really experience it to understand at deeper levels how incredibly destructive these people are. To both themselves and their surroundings. It is really a serious psychological disorder, which is not directly visible on the outside and is hugely underestimated in my eyes. There are more people with an anti-social personality disorder running around, than you realize.

Because you also have so many different types of narcissism, one is not the other.And they also just all have different traits, just like any other human being. Outright narcissists are reasonably easy to spot, but hidden narcissists are already a lot harder. They are excellent actors and manipulators. As a result, many people in their environment remain blind to their actual face.

In short: it is almost not to be done to recognize someone with NPS as such.Psychologists already have tremendous difficulty with it, let alone ‘ amateurs ‘.

I consider myself blessed with my ingenuity and intelligence that I have found out and have managed to escape.It has changed my life and I will never be the same as for this experience. (Which I will not recommend).

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