Have you ever met a former Nazi soldier? If so, did he regret his crimes?

Yes my uncles.He was abducted from the hospital in Stalingrad with amputated toes to Russia. Survived by sacrificial comrades. Had to work in the mine and received a thigh shot from the Russian post during a prisoner mutiny. Returned as an invalid to his native Germany, where such incited types called him a Nazi soldier and a criminal.

Question, who has what to regret here?

I don’t know if you can say Nazi soldier, he was a soldier in the Nazi era.He was a pilot and no longer a normal person. The nerves, the overall condition breaks and I hate the war and those who spread this delusion on humanity. I would eradicate them like the plague.

What these madmen – ruling psychopaths do to mischief.He gave me the impetus to position myself against war and the perpetrators and to analyze them neutrally. Soldiers are also said to have returned from Afghanistan who were no longer the people they once were, even though German law does not allow war operations.

I think 70% of those born around the year of birth in 1960 have parents who could tell “stories.”What exactly is the question?

Whether you see (N)/woman guilt and stand by it. whether the awareness of deeds and actions remains “spilled” even after years. do people basically stand by their deeds??

Because then we should all stand by our “deeds” very quickly and learn from the past!!!

I knew some old Wehrmacht soldiers, not SS men.These were the old ones in our village. Sometimes they talked about the old days after a lot of beer and liquor. Mostly over the years in Russian captivity. They never told about their crimes, but I don’t think they regretted it.

My own grandfathers weren’t really involved.One was a miner and was therefore not drafted, the other was a teacher and spent most of the 1000-year-old empire in prison over his Nazi antipathy.

What is a Nazi soldier?

Should this be a statement about all German soldiers?

Or are they SA or SS?

We had a normal Wehrmacht, as every country did.Thus, all grandparents born up to 1970 have experience in the Wehrmacht.

We were a dictatorship that was welcomed by one more and less.

I would like to mention that in free elections Hitler never won over 35%.

Of course, all the soldiers were sworn in on Hitler – but they are not Nazi soldiers, but soldiers in the Nazi era.

I also gave some known.Also SS people – they believed in Hitler even later.

Just like there are still people who mourn the SED.All very strange.

I have met a lot, a lot of them.They were all healthy-thinking, valuable people with the highest level of ethics and morality. None of them had anything to regret. One must not believe all propaganda and it is advisable to study history ourselves instead of letting anti-German propaganda spread it.

Both grandfathers were drafted in the war.Both didn’t want to talk about it later. I know from one of them that he has worked with resistance groups underground. The other soon fell into Russian captivity. Of all I know 鈥?they are no longer with us 鈥?they were both far from any Nazi ideology. They were social democrats.

In 1995, my grandfather once told me from a friend:

“The circumstances at that time were just like that. We had a choice.Either or… It was bad! I’m glad it’s over.’

I think he regretted it.

Rest in peace Erik L.

No Nazi soldier, but recently, this year, a former SS man, skull division.He says, at least, that this was a real crime, which was done to the Jews, and that he regrets it.

yes and his wife was also like him, only she let it hang out like this, he was still rather one who pretended to the outside as if he would have it bad, but if he had really regretted it, he would have really said something against the attitude of his wife.

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