Have you ever met a corrupt policeman?

I have lived in a country for 19 years, where there is corruption, crime and official terrorism.Wife could not deport husband and take his investments. Knowing that the woman had only married him to plunder him, he sought a new home. The woman called him to clarify everything amicably and come by. When he came to his house, the lady waited outside at a bus waiting house on the highway. But by no reason, she insulted him so that he could tackle her. Vain. Then she haunted him in the face, he didn’t touch him yet. The hired five policemen then came out of the opposite cover with military weapons and thought that he saw what was going on with the woman, he should go. Had he tackled them, it would have been a reason to shoot him.

A policeman at a checkpoint wanted to try out his personal sadism and put me in the police arrest in September 2013.I have had a number of motorcycle accidents in the big city and basically ride without a helmet in the city. With Helm I would probably already be dead. Driving drunk as a local is not a problem, even if you cause an accident. In any case, I explained to the policeman why I do not wear a helmet for self-protection in the city: tropical climate and at traffic lights up to 46掳C temperature measured under the helmet. Training as a driving student: inadequate to insufficient (1 day and you have the un-professional driver’s license), we have tested that driving licences are actually sold under the hand. He enjoyed his power and put me behind bars with lies. He told his boss more lies, so he was upset and wanted to deport me. In order to get out of the unhygienic arrest the next morning, I had to sign that I would not do anything about the policeman. Nevertheless, I filed a complaint for deprivation of liberty and other psychopathic structures were documented. Signed by 3 prosecutors, I received in the Dec. in 2013, a letter that rejected my complaint.

What I wasn’t informed of was a police officer’s complaint against me.In April 2014 I would have had a court hearing, but was not informed (the letter was deliberately not given to me and other letters were not). So I was arrested with family sitting on the terrace in September 2015. Probably conscious on a Friday, so that no trigger could be paid in court and I was so detained for 4 days. How beautifully psychopaths work together I saw that this sadistic policeman was informed that his victim is in the police arrest station 6. He then came and pulled his cap off his head with pleasure so that I could see what power he had over a foreigner.

In the dirty, unhygienic police arrest, I noticed that a policeman was under cover.I said to the detainees: “I don’t understand the local police, how stupid they are with lies against foreigners. They do not know that since the kidnapping of tourists by the Abu Sayyaf group in Malaysia, IMP & II (Internal. Military Police and Intern. Investigators) around the South China Sea and Celebes-Sea observe and analyze and then pack some of us. Thank you for this documentation!” The under cover policeman then knew what was being played. In any case, this case shed further light on the situation, with information from locals (policemen, lawyers, victims). In fact, Regional Hall of Justice syndicates have formed, under the direction of a judge, allioning the money to police officers to construct criminal cases. Because of the Spanish tradition of having to use a lawyer even for a primitive kindergarten case, more than 30, 40 or 50 court hearings are constructed from a simple case, which of course have to be paid. The profits from these dirty business are then divided fraternally, psychopathically. Anyone who, as an honest private lawyer, wants to defend his client in solidarity, receives a warning from the judge that he will lose his licence at the home court. He would then have to apply to the court 100 km further for a new concession ……

Thankfully, the 3 documents were received by me, which I am accused of as a foreigner.Criminal case: Document No. 1 – Direct attack on a police officer. Document No. 2 – Indirect attack on a policeman and document, lie No. 3 – Resistance to the state authority. The judge wrote 6 or 7 letters, of which only 1 letter arrived, although the private house was only about 6 km from the court. The letter I received came to my new address 150 km from this big city. Previously, no letter arrived, although letters from the Dutch state reached me, letters from Germany, but strangely not from the country itself, no letters from this judge. Since I had helped a local to see the fingerprintresults on a pistol in court, I and the accused in the court office were told that they were in a poor, underdeveloped country and did not have the equipment to take fingerprints. to compare. So just just so arrested ….

We then received information from Wispelblowers on how the Regional Court Syndicates work.Among the wipe-llowers, there were also some lawyers who themselves were subjected to the pressure of psychopathic judges. I received information from a court clerk who knew the situation and whether I had received the judge’s last letter. Since I did not receive the letter, I got a copy and appeared at the court summons, which was attended by more than 50 to 100 people. The judge stated that I needed a lawyer in court. I inform him in front of the assembled team that he has been informed that we know the system structures in court and the trial delay of 30, 40 or 50 hearings in order to make money here illegally. The judge said, only then I needed a lawyer provided by the court …. which can hardly be realized for foreigners.

The case was sent to the President’s office for consideration, which then ensured that the process was brought to an end.My deprivation of liberty, the trigger paid to get out of captivity, has not yet been offset. This is now done through political activities in cooperation with the upper authorities.

Any liar can put a foreigner in the police detention or prison, where liars in civil and judge and prosecutor like to work together psychopathically.So we helped a German who was in the police arrest 550 km away from us and later in prison. It was triggered by us. The woman was pregnant by a local and wanted to put this under her husband’s. In any case, I made an accusation against the perpetrator, claiming that her husband had beaten her even though she had beaten a local and that he wanted to stop her. We tracked down this witness and I sat with the police for the report. He was supposed to testify after that, but he went with one of us near his house. When the woman learned that he had been released from prison, she contacted the head of the local authority, the police and the press so that they could see that the weapons presented belonged to her husband. The German was therefore taken out of the danger zone, but after a few weeks had no desire to be safe. He was warned that if he went back, he would be murdered. That’s how it was. I got a picture of the dead person from one of us who had made contacts. Corruption, or more than corruption, means that a foreigner in a gang of halunks has no rights, i.e. has no right with lawyers who work for the state.

I was once strongly opposed to the death penalty.But what one experiences with psychopaths in the course of one’s life has led to a rethink. How do the religions say to these anti-social, gencitous monsters: Satan / Devil. They look like human beings, but they are not to be regarded as human beings by mental conditioning.

Therefore, off into the X-ray tube of Siemens, the gene defect analyzed and documented and then off into the reserves or how do the Chinese do it …..?From 2000 to 2015, more than 850 incidents were recorded in which foreigners were blackmailed, humiliated and looted by officials. Huge investments by foreigners have been demolished by blackmail, so that 150 locals have not found a job in a project and the poor Minister for Finance has not received any additional revenue in the tourism industry. If I wanted to enjoy my life and didn’t want to analyze, I could enjoy my life in Thailand. Now I am in a very good relationship, which I do not want to give up and my partner and daughter do not. Politically, the tide has turned, but the old psychopathic ropes are still acting as opposition-blocking.

Moreover, these small excerpts of psychopathic system structures can be found in all countries conquered by the Spanish conqueror beasts.

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