Have you ever lied about your age? If so, why?

I never had to lie about my age.

I have luck in that regard….. When I was young, I looked older, now that I’m older, people say I look younger than my age.

In any case I don’t like lying and I seldom lie about anything.

Yes.I was 19 and I was an intern at high school and I had to occasionally teach children aged 13, a class of 35 teenagers. So I made 23 of them, I thought I would have more authority.

Yes, regularly, or, say, always.Usually I say I am 57. Then I am from 1962. Most people will estimate me younger, so 54 is actually better. 57 is really old. So I am 54.

Is also better, when I say that I am 54 I think they may be 57, but when I say I am 57, then…

“Are you really already 54, you look younger.” ‘ No, I’m in the real 55. ‘

There are also people who are younger than me and then I think ‘ oh, what are they old! ‘ For instance, getting older is also nice sides.

‘ But Yeral, how old are you really now?I’ve been to know you for a few years now, and then you were already 54. ‘ ‘ Yes, it seems that time has stood still. ‘

And everyone gets more and more older headlines.Sometimes even nicer, riper, but not everyone. Women in the transition that no longer seem like a young girl. Worries in the face carved.

The best you can live happily and carefree, with your head out of the sun and some sun cream on head and hands, against the wrinkles.

‘ But how old are you really? ‘ “I said so, 55.”

If rounding, lying is, then I constantly lie about my age.
From > 6 months of the current age around I finish up.For the rest, I find it pointless to lie. In a face-to-face you fall through the basket anyway. And why would I want to obscure my life experience?
I was happily raised in circumstances that I never had to mention my age when I went out.I could perfectly go to a disco at my 16. And buying a sex petal was also not a problem on the red head after. Alcoholic beverage I could get stuck around my 13th and cigarettes I didn’t have to! And once, really of age of majority (I could finally draw my own report) and later mature, there was no more reason to worry about the limitations of certain age categories.

Yes, I’m just lying about my age.

That started from the first time that “age” had a substantive promise with itself.En, when I was 14 -15 years old, I pretended to be 16 to drink on Caf茅 beer.

And when I was 16 -17 I presented myself as an 18 year old to enter a discotheque.

And recently I did/Do me for like 30 years on the webcam sites where I work with my partner.If you are there + 35 you are already almost considered “mature” which actually means almost mature. And we do not want that.

Grtn, Stign

No, never needed.

Regularly when I have to fill in my age for marketing purposes on some online form and I have to choose from a list, instead of being able to fill it in directly.

1964 always stands somewhere in the middle, whether they sort from high to low, or from low to high, I should always scroll like crazy.

So I’m regular 18, 28 or 88… About day and month ‘ I’m crazy enough never.

However, I have never lied about my age to accomplish anything… (other than ‘ Quick fill without infinity scrolling ‘)

No, actually never.Sometimes I admire people who can twist the truth with a steel face, and sometimes give the impression of believing what they are trying to make others wise.

Mainly during my teenage years.

With my 15 years I didn’t have the pubs yet, but I was always the only one out of the group that was younger.10 years ago The age check was not so strict and not at all if you came in earlier in the evening.

As 15/16 years old a 18 + caf茅 walked in, because the company had the right age, at least the one who went first and had to undergo control.We often sent the oldest and smallest first for the ID control. Finally I came as a solid girl and was not checked, because the security after 3 a 4 people believed it though.

In the same period, we also regularly encountered street vendors, then I was suddenly my real age and the rest were much younger than their ID.Even after I fell into the right audience, we stopped that trick.

I once purchased a music subscription with a false birth date, phone number, account number and address.Only the email address was correct, otherwise I didn’t have anything to do with it. I was then a year or 8 probably, quite adept with computers and clever enough to find those things out to infinity.

I was looking for music to listen, the CDs we had were children for children or terrible music from my parents.I didn’t have a pocket money yet and my music taste was not appreciated, so no CDs for bought.

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