Have you ever learned an important lesson from a homeless person?


  1. Don’t trust a homeless person.

If you need their help they will most likely leave you alone there, they should have to invest some effort for the help.

  • You should stay away from homeless junkies as much as you can.
  • Worse are only drunk homeless people.
  • If you meet them, you should remove yourself as soon as possible or expect that there will be trouble.

  • Homeless people don’t think much of the police, there’s no point in asking them to call the police, and neither does it make you threaten the police.
  • Don’t give money to a homeless person and no alcohol at all.
  • Don’t drink alcohol with a homeless person, even better: don’t drink alcohol when you’re on the street, or with people you don’t know very well.
  • And never drink more than that you couldn’t survive a brawl unscathed.

  • Don’t give a homeless person anything that shouldn’t break.
  • It will be lying on the ground in the foreseeable future.

  • Many homeless people are good at manipulating people.
  • Many speak an astonishing number of languages and connect very quickly with others. I once analyzed what linguistic means homeless people use when they beg me for money. I was very surprised how sophisticated the whole thing went.

  • Don’t follow the advice of a homeless person.
  • There is a reason why these people form the bottom of society. If you stop near them, the anger will also come to you.

  • If there are problems: Get out of the dust.
  • Don’t talk, there’s nothing to clarify. I made the mistake. I went to a group of alcoholic homeless people in an alcoholic state to ask them for a lighter. No sooner did I finish talking to me, I already had a fist in my surprised face. I was asked why I would have beaten him. (To provoke me that there is a brawl). Luckily, after they pushed me once more, I quickly removed myself from you.

  • Always assume that homeless people are lying to you in the face and you don’t notice.
  • Always assume that a homeless person has a knife in his pocket.
  • Don’t be friends with the homeless.
  • Also, do not try to get to know or understand them.

    These tips don’t come from a homeless person, but from me.

    I allow myself to judge in this way because in the past I often slept at the station after long evenings in the pub, because no bus came.This, too, should be avoided as much as possible. I very much regret it. These are not experiences I would have liked. I disgust myself at this dark chapter of my past.

    What I do to stop having such experiences: alcohol only at my home or with other people at home that I trust.Alcohol only to a small extent.

    Don’t talk to strangers.

    Don’t give money to the homeless, they ignore it completely.

    I don’t have a high opinion of the homeless.

    In my eyes, they are scum.

    In Germany, no one needs to live on the streets.Those who do have definitely a pretty big problem in their lives. But there are also enough people who have a good deal of gossip and are not homeless.

    The idea that more than 99% of the people I meet will hurt me rather than help it helps very well.It is only a realistic assessment without (pseudo-)scientific context, but is based on personal experience.

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