Have you ever hired a homeless person? If so, how did it go?

Yes; I have done something for our dear fellow citizens with migration experience, that experience that is rather a lack of experience.I was looking for a plaster; and since I quartered the completely medium loose Armenian ” Karin ” in my villa one besides her two children Heiko ( 12 ) mouth Lil ( 13 ) Also to me that intro from the Bavarian district court meets me

” It was a lovely time back then anno 14 … “

With the children I got really young again; they were intrepers for the pyramids, for Troy, for Asterix and Pokemon.In this way, I learned for the first time what it is: Pokemon.

Heiko was mentally handicapped; this reminded me strongly of my bosom friend Gert from primary school days, but the symptoms were much more pronounced.So Heiko simply did not understand that Asterix is a parody. In contrast to Perry Rhodan, for example, every new Asterix sequence starts again from zero; and Heiko simply couldn’t cope with this circumstance. He complained to me because he felt it was an injury to his personality somewhere.

Several times I asked him if he wanted to know anything more about Caesar.Where he came from and what this man wanted or wanted in the first place. effected. I always encountered the most violent unwillingness.

My Mammi had already died; but her friend , the Italian ” Tanja ” from the sewing stick, visited us for quite some time.And then her husband, out of sheer jealousy, looked at the right thing that drives her with me …

I mention this specifically because this guy collected Asterix books.Among them was a map of Corsica, on which forty cities were marked with fantasy names, all of which do not exist. Then he subjected me to an exam, to each city I should name a link, to which its name (in ulkiger intention ) alludes: I made all forty.

Something ambiguous seemed to me that Lil in particular had never gone to school.Here this was full of veraasche. She allegedly attended a school with Eleven. The German girls apparently knew immediately what they could take up the Lil with and joined forces against them to the united front.

” Waaas?Have you never smoked a joint?

And who is your friend?Waaas; You are still unfeminine and have never had sex? [ with Eleven !!! Then WE DON’T PLAY WITH you … “

Here you know him; at the counter

” Hey G眉nter; in the ‘ Bunten ‘ sreht, 70% of all girls at 13 already have experience.”

” Ede that’s of no use to me; I need names, addresses and tel_nos … “

Because Karin was apparently incapable of seeing through these veraasche.She said now, the flag high, the honor of an Armenian maid is that she goes to the Ee unscrupulously. Never again is my daughter allowed to go to school …

Yes and a special feature was that this family was with the Jehovah’s Witnesses ( ZJ ).(Now I just don’t think I have anything to do with those of their spiders. )

But weird; I only had the best experiences.

I was ignored by their clergy; said neither Good morning nor goodbye.

After all, I got so much with me that during the Bible lessons they sometimes looked to the right; Seriously.They took a lot of work away from me; The Armenians probably would not have listened to my littleness.

Although; Karin was pattern validly tolerant; in all questions we always found a modus Vivendi

” If the children bother you, you just have to say it.”

At the ZJ you always get a watchdog, who will be your age oris somehow appropriate to your education; ud on Lil just paid attention to a ” Dagmar ” ( 16 )

Once I happened to get with

” Lil you are unjust.You must not only calculate what you get from Alfonso; Let’s see what you do. Electricity, water, heetic … “

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