Have you ever had to use a weapon? How did it feel for the first time? What have you learned from it?

I shoot pretty pure, gun and rifle, but the nicest I found anyway was shooting with a browning. 50 machine gun with armor-permeating light rail ammunition.Then one on the so many bullets that fires you off is a light track that lets you follow the orbit of your bullets (and that’s a lot, about 500 per minute) to your goal. As a sparks rain of over a km long.

I have been allowed to do this only 1 time, during exercise on a shooting range for armored tracked vehicles (exactly as under and the weapon that stands up is it) but what an unbelievable spectacle it was.You shoot other vehicles completely to Gort and that is quite clearly visible. Unfortunately, they didn’t trust me with a howitzer or a Leopard. Hehehe

What I learned from it?Never be a sitting duck.

Military service done in an artillery unit.

8 months Germany (Soest).

Much shot with FAL (semi automatic) and the prehistoric “Vigneron” (Automatic).Not with a machine gun. Well a few times with a LAW bazooka. And continue with the 155 mm. Howitzer:

It starts off course with the ordinary FAL rifle.

I remember how I understood that this is not a shotgun-a rabbit would be torn by 1 bullet-but something specifically designed to kill people. That gave a sense of repulsion. But you don’t think so. And the army is specifically designed to do your things without thought. It succeeds very well. I’ve learned that anyone can easily kill someone else and also get killed -without thinking 1 second. It seems that psychologists call this a temporary depersonalization or something. It’s nothing personal it’s only war.

Back in the burger world it takes a while for you to be adjusted back. I understand the pilot of a fighter-bomber who was staring confused at a piece of paper.He would have said: I do not get it. Last week I sat down bombs of a half ton to throw out above Viet-Nam, and now I get a traffic ticket for “speed violation” of a guy in a Karn Aval uniform with a toy Revolvertje. I have-thankfully-never seen action, but I can understand it well.

Not myself but when I went to the USA with summer school, a couple of classmates had gone to a shooting range where they could shoot with real firearms.A female classmate later told everyone what kick the hair gave, ‘ like the first time she held a dick in her hand. ‘

I was somewhat denied the sexual association with an object designed for the exact opposite, namely killing people.

I have never beaten anyone in my life.Am an incredible egg (and actually almost never really hurt).

I shot a few times with a small revolver when I was on vacation in the USA with family.We shot on a rose that was attached to a tree. Besides the game feeling to shoot as close as possible to the rose I felt nothing.

I think there are a lot of Dutch boys who have shot firearms for the first time when they were equipped with a FAL, a UZI or a Browning in military service.At the military shooting range, they found out that it was not so easy to hit a goal. It was indeed an interesting experience and also a challenge, which, for my part, later led to the membership of a shooting association.

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