Have you ever had to call the police/112, what was going through you?

A drunk man in the 30, black leather, high boots, tattoos, bald head vs elderly Dark man.That guest called something about Surinamese who rape his country and want to take off black Piet. The dark old man remained very quiet, did not reacted, and given his facial expression he probably did not see a word Dutch. No Surinamer but an African. The white man had a bottle of beer in his hand, every time he cried something, he shook with that bottle and droplets of beer flew all over the sides.

I called as discreetly as possible police.I wanted to make a quick mention: “Train from Almere Oostvaarders to Hoofddorp, racist incident” but they wanted me to carefully described all the details: age, length, posteering, clothes, shoes, tattoos. Then I was devastated because the man suddenly watched me. I had hung up and he was going to bully that man again. But the police called me back and requested to stay on the line. In Weesp, agents came in and brought him in.

Someone stayed long left driving in a white Suzuki.Did not set aside and remained annoying long overtaking air.

Then but right overtaken and Sir found that annoying (his masculinity seemed compromised) so he went to catch me again.Mag.

Then he held in and when I passed left he threw 3 pebbles against my porter.Make the police call by occupants,

Answer from 112: “If you have any damage you can make a declaration.”

What a hat in that emergency room.That’s not that my question was whether I could make a declaration. Anyway you see almost no police on the highway. For years.

The vent pursued us by now, also over the escape strip if both jobs were occupied.Well, that small car didn’t run so hard (max 160 I estimate) so we went full throttle until he lost us out of the eye.

Was a baldhead that looked scary so too but did not make a declaration because then he knows my data, and given his look I found that not bother.

The police is your best friend?Long time no longer.

A few years ago I drove home with my boyfriend through the polder in the middle of the night, when we saw a car in the ditch.We stopped, but nobody was in the car. Then we heard some noises a bit back. There a man lying next to an engine on the road, badly injured. My boyfriend went to the guy, I ran back to the car to call 112. Then the wait started, while I stayed on the line with the police, we got directions to help the man. When the man started asking 芒 鈧?虄where is my girlfriend? 芒 鈧劉 I was shocked even more. In the neighborhood we saw no one, it was pitch dark. I ran a little further and saw a woman lying down, deceased. The difficult was also the man who remained confused asking where she was and how it went with her. I couldn’t say what I had seen. The wait was the worst. It took fifteen minutes for the emergency services there were, every minute seemed to last an hour.

Although the man was very poor, he was physically completely restored.I still often think of him and how he lost the most important person in his life by a selfish drunk driver.

In the middle of the Kralingse Bos a big brawl was underway.I call 112. They asked “What is the address?” “There is no address, it is in the middle of the park, near the sailing school,” “Yes, but without an address we can not do anything”. I have only hung. What was going through me? Disbelief, annoyance, frustration.

When I broke my leg on an icy slippery day in March in the park.I fell, slightly bent double in my ankle and I knew it was wrong. I tried to stand and felt that my bone was broken and so I could not walk anymore. I called 112 with my mobile phone. It was in Luxembourg so it was in French, you pense que j’ai cass茅 ma jambe.In the meantime, a small solution gathered around me.

What was going on through me?’ That doesn’t occur to me! This only happens to other people! I still have to work, I still have a course tonight, I don’t have time for it! ‘

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