Have you ever had experience with a narcissist?

Yes ….Last year in June I had to realize with horror that I had two years of a relationship with a person who obviously suffers from NPS ….After an initial as well as in the dream phase something has changed in its essence.All the qualities he admired at the beginning on me, he began to criticize. I couldn’t do anything right and it was like a dance on eggshells. He also had a thief’s pleasure in letting me freak. I react very extreme to command tone or paternalism… Since I am regularly freaking out at the end and during our holiday in June I also discovered this thief grin. He behaved very selfishly on holiday and an acquaintance who was there then said to me: What do you want, I have known him for so many years and have not yet met any person related to him. The word didn’t go out of my head and at home, I started to deal with it and I came across the subject of narcissism. Everything suddenly yielded a picture and after I had looked at it under this aspect for a week. I didn’t want to do him any wrong, and I loved him. But somehow it screamed in my body/head, run Tanja run…..it gets worse! Well, and his reaction was more than clear, he behaved like a child taking your toys away. But I had the opportunity four days to say goodbye to his family and friends (his ) and i spoke openly what I suspect, and his aunt was right and also an explanation of how it happened to him. He grew up as the only son in a traditional family and as a child got no limits and could always do whatever he wants….. He still has no respect for his parents today….. I have suffered for months and has only helped me to understand all this logically and to deal with the subject. Did i also realize that my father NPS and my mother after 45 years before is already poisoned….Wanted to talk openly with my parents about everything (childhood etc) and was literally ironed out and I was denied the right to express my opinion I did not have the child too allow to criticize my parents! I was like being hit in the head, after all I’m now 40 years old and no longer a CHILD! My mother then blocked me and deleted me on What’s App….That was clear and I left it and made a dash for myself. It feels very liberating somehow and I decided for myself that I don’t want to have anything closer to such people… People who are neither able to deal with constructive criticism, cannot apologize and only eat energy stay with me now outside. I have become aware of my value and no one in the world has the right to stand above me. But not over it at eye level!!!!

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