Have you ever had a car accident?

After being asked … Yes, I’ve had car accidents.And yes, the majority.

The first was shortly after I had passed the driver’s license and through pregnancy as well as next to me.My husband of 12 years insisted on alternating with me at the wheel, even on relatively short distances. That day I just kept going. He kept giving me “good” advice. When I got home, I wanted to turn to drive in the right direction in a parking lot. Suddenly, he screams with caution. I stepped on the gas instead of the brakes in terror. The victim of the action was some expensive special bumper. The car was just for sale and the new owner took it despite scratches so we didn’t have to pay.

The next time I was sitting in the car with a squealing, tired child.I should get something in the neighboring town. Was late due to heavy traffic and was soon to pick up my older daughter in kindergarten. Although I had street and house number, I just couldn’t find the number. So I certainly drove through the turning hammer the third time where the shop should have been. Suddenly I saw a small sign with an arrow, when I was already a metre or two past. I went backwards and … there it popped. Where the Wgen had come from had no idea shortly before that everything was still free behind me. At that moment I fell just howling over the wheel so I was finished with my nerves. The one I met got out and although he was still red with anger when he opened the door, he was only worried about me and my now suddenly dumb child.

There were still some accidents, but if you travel a lot by car I can hardly avoid Rempler.However, I am not only talking about those That I caused, but auhc of those in which I was approached. Or from really serious accidents in which I was not directly involved, or just a passenger.

There was the nice man who came up to me at the red light and then screamed at me I could have driven with dark orange without further ado, because everyone would do it.Or the truck that drove right in front of me through the boundary of a bridge and first stood upright on the driver’s cab. The cyclist who suddenly drove from the bike path over green strips into the side of a young woman in front of me. When I got out to her maybe. to be able to help her was already dead. Or when I slept in the passenger seat on the way home from a wedding party and when I woke up the car turned in the middle of the highway, collided with the central junction, repeated the whole thing again to slide up the embankment. The feeling at short notice to see the following cars from the front ….

Nothing bad has ever happened to me.I am very grateful for that. But at least on the highway I had a shock.

Even today, the phrases “Don’t worry.Nothing has happened” panic. My daughter had been approached and i was informed with these words. She had slipped across the engine compartment with her face against the windswept disc after smashing a headlight with her knee. Finding my child in the ambulance, who fortunately was there quickly, with his mouth open, his teeth smashed, that sits deep today, almost 30 years later.

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