Have you ever flown business class or even first class? How was it?

2005, Frankfurt-Seoul, Asiana Airlines.

It was in the middle of summer, and with a backwards-turned baseball cap and in a sleeveless shirt I reported to the check-in desk.

It wasn’t crowded there.Reason for the coworker to start a chat with me.

He indicated that he liked to see that I flew to South Korea.

He himself had been there a few times and even got a relationship with a Korean who unfortunately did not finish long ago.Culture thingy, he said.


“Culture thingy”?

As a Koreanist with some experience in the field of intercontinental relations, I was of course immediately interested.

It became a very animated conversation,

In which was laughed,

Which was almost cried, for the tears were in his eyes.

I learned the employee in the conversation a lot about culture thingies.

The employee taught me what it’s like to fly Business Class.

Upon leaving the check-in counter he said “This is for you”, after which he handed me my ticket with a knock on the shoulder.

However, I did not understand exactly what he was referring to now.

Something that quickly became clear when boarding.

The Business Class passengers were called to boarding first,

But still I had no clue what had happened, until I was used by another employee to join me in the queue, and me to go to the plane.

Only then did I understand what the employee at the check-in desk had done for me.

It became my first, and last, Business Class flight.

Between the mostly businessmen I fell reasonably with my cap and sleeveless shirt.

Maybe they thought I was a well-known footballer.

The flight itself was in any case more comfortable than I had ever experienced:

More-course dinner with champagne,

Large chairs that could be converted into a bed,

And all the attention of the staff…

I arrived in Seoul,

and was ready for a next challenge in culture thingies.

One time first class, and it was one of the reasons I resigned.

I worked at a government institute, and had something to do with IBM’s TJ Watson Labs.”When you travel for work, you need to arrive fresh, so you’re travelling first class”.

But, but, though, that’s ridiculously expensive.Do me economy, and let me meet a weekend in New York. I know a reasonable hotel for USD 150 or so…

“No, no question; These are the guidelines “.

It was fantastic though, Qantas Sydney-New York, in a kind of sarcophagus with a pleasant cotton pyjamas (still have it) and incredibly tasty food.

Problem was, with my one trip was equal the total year budget of the Department. From August to December no one could travel anymore.

It was not the only reason, but it was a registration for the absurd bureaucracy and I did not take it long after.

I once flown business class in 2007.That was from Hong Kong to Schiphol, Amsterdam. Hong Kong was my connection airport, I came from Taipei, Taiwan.

Because I flew with Cathay Pacific, I had to switch to Hong Kong.There I was told that my flight was full. It was overbooked, said the desk assistant.I got the offer to fly via London to Schiphol. As a consideration, I would get a voucher of about HK $300. I was able to use this voucher to upgrade my future flights. I had to think about it because I had to go to work the next day in time. No problem said the same man. From him I got a voucher with me to eat something. I had to come back within half an hour.

I came back within half an hour and the desk clerk said he had found a family that was willing to fly through London.But he wanted to thank me for my willingness and I was allowed to fly in the business class.

Thus I was in business class and I was very happy.The chair was very spacious and I had a footstool, which you could fold out to make your seat a bed.

Next to me was a British woman, who apparently also got an upgrade from society.

All in all I enjoyed the trip and I arrived well equipped at Schiphol.I was able to work with energy right away.

Thank you Cathay Pacific for this lovely experience!

Yes, this year received a relatively inexpensive upgrade to the Q Suites of Qatar Airways.Was named best business and First class in the world in 2018. I have no comparison material because this was my first time, but my sky. What was that great. Your Own (1, 2 or 4-person) room with a massage chair that can be completely flat, a gigantic TV with top quality noise-cancelling headphones. Obviously unlimited service. Great wine, champagne, ros茅 and an insane breakfast, dinner and snack menu. After 9 hours of flight, of which 5 hours slept wonderfully, I was sincerely pleased when the plane had to fly another round to Schiphol before we could land. Mine really should have been a few hours.

The disadvantage: From now on I only fly Qatar Airways hoping to get an offer once again.Well played, Qatar. Well played.

Three times business class, all three times with KLM Amsterdam-Copenhagen.

Some more legroom, unlimited drinking (including champagne), appetizers, you may be the first to take the plane out.

For such a short flight it is certainly not worth the money.For a longer flight the extra legroom is handy, but you can buy it without the other nonsense.

When I was still in transition (I’m transgender), it was handy to drive 1st Klass at NS.Many conductors were transofoob and so unshoed that in periods I did my best to avoid NS, but in the 1st class they did correctly. Aircraft personnel do normally even if you fly on Monkey class.

What is also useful, here in New Zealand, is speedluggage.That’s also something you can buy (with money or airpoints) so you don’t necessarily have to fly business class, and so who has so many domestic flights no business class. But it means that you just leave your luggage when boarding to the baggage chargers and get back immediately when you get off, so you can arrive at the airport 5 Minutts before leaving and when you get out you don’t have to wait for luggage as well.

As a KLMer with more than 20 years of service we always get a C/M ticket.That means that in principle always Business class flies unless that is full. I have 37 years of service and have flown Business class to the USA countless times. It is pure indulgence. Great space and privacy and good food. And you can sleep completely flat. I flew Business class so often that I had to get used to the economy class seats and the tight space you have compared to Business class. It doesn’t matter what kind of chair I have when I fly IPB, but Business class is always a party. Also a keen in the crew rest of the Boeing 747 flew to Los Angeles, in the cockpit so. Also a very wonderful experience.

For my work I have flown a number of times within Europe business class.Not so different from economy. In the planes for shorter distances like the 737 the seats are often the same, the flight attendant moved the separation between business class and economy when fewer business class passengers were on the days. Regularly there was no one next to me so I had more space. The big advantage used to be that if I arrived sooner than expected at the airport I could be rebooked for free to a previous flight. But nowadays, the cheapest business class flights also cost extra. You can get some more drinks, board earlier, and eat real plates.

On longer flights such as Morocco, there were two leather seats in the business class where three fabric chairs were in the economy, which was pleasant.

For longer private flights I pay for economy comfort plus or a seat at the emergency exit, which gives me enough comfort.The price difference with the business class is not worth the difference in comfort for me.

Yes, once we got free business class because there were places free and we encountered some inconvenience at check in.Besides better food and drinks, more comfortable seats there is not really that much difference that justifies the price difference.

If I can go away for work I always fly business class.Privately I have been upgraded to business Class A few times. You have some more space and the service is better. Up to 6 to 7 hours flight time doesn’t make me much out. On the longer flights it is better than that. You will get a little fitter and more. Most luxury was so far the cockpit crew rest in a 747 to New York. A private cabin with 2 business class chairs and a bunk bed.

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