Have you ever fallen in love with a book character? Which and why?

Being in love is a big word.But I can say that I started to find certain book characters more than fun.

The first character is Grete of Franz Kafka’s Die Verwandlung.This is the sister of Gregor Samsa.It describes that she is caring, independent and can play violin. At the end of the book, a little is said about what I had seen with a girl, and so I went to appreciate Grete more.

Während Sie sich so unterhielten, Fiel es herrn und Frau Samsa im Anblick ihrer ever lebhafter werdenden tochter Fast Gleichzeitig ein, who sie in der Final Zeit Trotz aller Plage, die ihre Wangen and hand hatte, zu einem Schönen und Üppigen Mädchen Aufgeblüht War.

[… Und es war Ihnen who eine Bestätigung ihrer neuen Träume und Guten Absichten, as AM Ziele ihrer Fahrt those Tochter as erste sich erhob und ihren jungen Körper dehnte.

The translation reads as follows:

“As they talked to each other, the gentleman and Mrs. Samsa attacked at the sight of their ever-alive daughter at the same time, how despite all the misery that had made her cheeks turned into a beautiful and luscious girl.

[… And it seemed to them a confirmation of their new dreams and good prospects, when at the goal of their journey the daughter Rose first and stretched her young body. “

Once I followed a course and one of the participants was a nice young lady.She was a little nerdy and at one point she stood up and she stretched out. At that time she immediately made me think of Grete from this book. Incidentally, she was slender and thin, she was not at all opulent. Nevertheless, after the course I had to keep thinking of her and I then reread this passage from the book.

Another character I find interesting is Marie Cardona from the book L’étranger or The Stranger by Albert Camus (1942).She fell in love with Meursault, the I-character of the story and she remained faithful to him and searched him in jail. Before I saw the film, I had a certain idea of what she looked like and this was the film’s actress.

Ana Karina as Marie Cardona in Lo Straniero (1967) [1 [2

I hope to have answered this question.

Thank you for answering me this question Céline Décamps (Quora user).


[1 L’Etranger by Anna Karina, 100 gr with Mrtibbs

[2 the Stranger (1967 film)-Wikipedia

No, something I personally can’t get to know, feel, or see that the character exists at all…

… I can’t fall in love with it either

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