Have you ever experienced any strange rituals? Which one?

Actually, I didn’t even ask for it, I was young and impressed with the adults when it happened, so I got it done.

I was overweight, and stayed for 3 weeks in an obesity clinic to learn to lose weight, to move and eat healthily.

I was sharing my room with this lady, Marie-Rose.She was 47 years old, married and extremely large. She had undergone gastric surgery a long time ago and had fallen 70 kilos. She was still big but went for a reconstructive operation of the extra skin on her belly. (abdominoplasty). The problem is that this surgery was carried out about 6 weeks earlier and the wound on her belly did not go close, her skin did not want to attach to each other.

She has cried a lot of night, and I had to help her clean up in the morning and cheer her up.

One day she let a “Rebouteux” come by to help heal her.She asked me to stay there. This person took raw onions and made some sort of…. Yes, I don’t know how to call this. A kind of ritual on the belly of Marie-Rose. She put roughly chopped yellow onions on the wound, covered it with a cloth, and went over it with her hands, while she mumbled some words.

And then she turned to me.As you can imagine, I was very skeptical and looked at it from a rather puzzly attitude.

She grabbed both my hands in her hands and said, “You have power in your hands, you are a healer.You should use this gift from you, because your hands can do wonders “.

She put my hands on Marie-Rose’s wound and Marie-Pink said, “Oh my God, I feel it!She has so much power in her hands! I feel her energy in me radiate “.

Oh Jeej.What should I do with it now?

So, I thought, if she believed in it, the hair could not hurt to give her this belief, this sense of strength.

She was so thankful to me that she covered me with presents when it was time to leave the clinic.

I do not know what has become of her, that was a long time ago, and social media were still nothing.But that was a strange experience. And by the time I left…. She was still not healed.

Ex-partner who wanted to treat erectile dysfunction with the spring water from Mecca.He did a white towel around his plea, whispered some of the Koran verses in the water and donated half on his head and the remainder… eeeh芒 鈧?娄 under the towel. It has of course not helped, nor his brain yet his other organ. I said heck what makes it out, you can always try viagra anyway. He got angry and said that of course it helped but not with me because I got old and ugly. ;-D

As a journalist I once participated in a manliness weekend.One of the parts was that we jointly had naked the sweat lodge and at some point had to Slade a primege cry together. Cool!

Lol for me LSD adventure I was stopped under the shower and then I was completely rubbed up with Nivea I got a load of perfume on sprayed and it was said you are now a child of ours.Well that was kinda rubble I myself have also developed some the ritueltjes afterward. I write on what bothering me and sometimes it just burned people’s names. Must let go and if I am angry I throw with apples alla eris

I cannot speak about that.

Muslim neighbors slaughtering an animal on their balcony.Horrible. As far as I know by now fortunately banned.

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