Have you ever experienced a tropical storm? If so, in which country did you experience this and what did you find about it?

When I was 10 years old I sat on a (for current notions rather small) ship and route between Indonesia and Hong Kong, when we were hit by the edge of a typhoon.The ship rammed on the waves, whole dinnerware fell piece, the dining room was almost empty, everyone lay seasick in their booths to be. I hadn’t eaten much either. After 1 day it was over, we were never in danger, I believe.

Yeah, I just sat in a typhoon on the Philippines.All the trees were tightly skewed from the sustained heavy winds and the rainfall was not tender. We humans are void and stand powerless against natural violence. You can only hide or try to flee.

Yes of course!

On Java and in Suriname.

A tropical storm differs with a storm in the rest V/d world only by the Bliksems.In the tropics, because of the hot, you get a lot of statics energy that is relieved during the storm. The number is so much that you hear a few lightenings within an hour, and if you do not fit even as a lightning conductor can be used by the storm. Therefore, in a tropical storm never on an open field. Clapper trees are used by nature as lightning rod. In the world, the African state of Ruanda [former Belgian colony has been praised as the Lightning Center. Almost everyone and every house has had a lightning strike. There are no tall trees and a house is the distrconductor itself. Outside there is no floor. The electricity enters the house through the floor. {This is illustrative only of the number of lightning accidents that occur in tropical storms. The Tesla effect does not apply here.

Also, in the tropics you don’t have a lot of hurricane winds.I estimate the wind speed at up to 30 km/hour that compared to other places of 200 -300 km actually nothing something. Tropical storms are only accompanied by plenty of water as well as on the rest of the world. Floods can occur but landslide is normal, even in the thick forests. The quantity of water can be absorbed by the tropical soils, there it poreuser than moderate climatic soils are with little lime. The water is absorbed directly until it can no longer and then you get land slides. In Suriname where the country is very flat, the roads are difficult to ride. In the coastal areas it is clay and during rains and storms you have to be well schooled [yes skilled to drive over it. It’s exactly like on smooth-ice with lots of snow.

During storms the roofs can be blown away.Most roofs are corrugated zinc plates of several meters or light clay roofing tiles [not the heavy Pans v. Netherlands. The building materials are light and therefore these accidents. Also not to mention in the tropics as the storm can get the normal raincoats of the Netherlands completely wet within minutes. The best is old sailor’s wind mantels. Umbrella is needlessly.

My advice will stay at home when Storm is coming. Most storms are in a few hours over.

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