Have you ever been visited by the spirit of a pet?

I was visited by the spirit of a pet from a past life, which was a cat.I’ve already posted the story here, but here’s it again:

I once had an invisible cat.I lived in Sedona, Arizona, with my best friend as a roommate, and I was very much in New Age spirituality, magic, etc. Involved.

It started one night when I felt the weight of a cat over my head on the pillow and heard a purring.At first I thought I was still dreaming, but it went on, even after I was completely awake.

The second night the cat came back.I carefully stretched out my arm and “stroked” it (somehow I knew it was a “she” and I later called her “Guinevere”).) My hand touched something that felt like a kind of down-soft, ethereal fur. It wasn’t 100 percent solid; it’s hard to explain. It was almost tangible, but not quite.

Guinevere came back night after night, and I could feel her presence during the day.

I always had dreams of a past life in which I was a lonely witch who lived outside a small village, and Guinevere was my pet and/or house spirit (no, not the demonic kind).It was the only company I had, because although I didn’t hurt anyone and the villagers liked to come to me for healings and love spells and herbal medicine, they didn’t want anything else to do with me.

Other people who visited our apartment also began to perceive the presence of my invisible cat.She was like a watchdog (or better, guard cat); Whenever I did something that wasn’t good for me in this life (e.g. experimenting with spells), our living room started to smell of cat urine.

Anyone who has ever had a cat knows how pungent this smell is… and everyone could smell it.

When I was good again and promised not to do the thing I had done again, the stench magically disappeared.

One weekend, my apartment mate D. and I drove to Diamond Point in Payson, Arizona, to dig for crystals (she and another friend were enthusiastic semi-precious stone seekers), and D. and I slept in separate tents.I thought Guinevere would show up and cuddle with me, but nothing of the sort. I shrugged and assumed we had left her at home.

The next morning, D. crawled out of her tent and looked tired and annoyed.

“Next time you keep your scared invisible cat with you,” she gumbled.’She’s been trying to climb into my sleeping bag all night and I’ve been throwing her out all the time.’

The whole thing went on for a few months, and I got used to having Guinevere around me.

Then one night I had an intense dream: I was back in my past witch life, but this time I was scared.The villagers had been instilled by some people and were behind me with the proverbial torches and dung forks.

Then I heard a cat screaming and woke up abruptly.Even with my eyes open, I could still hear the screams. I was worried because we had many coyotes in Sedona who immediately hunted and ate pets left outside.

I went outside but heard nothing, so I went back to bed.The dream continued, and the screams began again. Finally I saw Guinevere: the villagers had nailed her with her paws to a fence post.

After that night, Guinevere did not return.Sometimes I still think of her and how she saved me from mudding something in this life. What a cute, invisible cat.

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