Have you ever been treated differently because you’re a veteran?

A year ago, at my company’s Christmas party, the theme was “red, white and blue”.

Upon entering the venue, one could almost imagine a political rally or a party on the 4th of July, with all the patriotic decorations.The tables all had American flags, and a large mural was at the entrance, featuring all the veterans who worked there. Our company president was dressed as Uncle Sam. All this was unusual, because our company is actually a subsidiary of Toyota, a Japanese company.

Because of the charity work I do in my spare time (I dress as a superhero to visit sick children in hospitals), I decided to dress as Captain America.Because of the theme of the party, I was immediately a hit.

About halfway through the party, the president asked all veterans to come to the dance floor to be recognized.

When I got on the dance floor, one of the veterans asked me, “Are you really a veteran?”


served from 81-84 in the U.S. Army as 16H (Operations and Intelligence Assistant, Air Defense Artillery).”

“Hey, folks, he’s actually a veteran,” he said to the people around him.

Shaking hands and high-fives all around.

When they called our department, we stepped forward.The veterans received a standing ovation.

“Does any of you want to say a few words?” the president asked.

All the veterans turned their eyes to me.

“Hey, cap, talk for us.”

I felt a lump in my neck as I looked at the crowd.Everyone was silent when I took the microphone. These people were my co-workers and friends, and some of them had no idea that the people they worked alongside were everyday heroes. What should I tell them?

“We all joined the service for a variety of reasons.

Some to save for college, others to find work, and others to see the world.

But after a few days in our service, we realized that we were a part of something more.The desire to defend and uphold the principles of the Constitution. To be the defenders of freedom.

All these men and women up here have chosen to serve, not because they hated the enemies they saw before them.Rather, they served because they loved the people they had left behind. They did it because they love you.

On behalf of all the veterans up here, I would like to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

God bless you…. and God bless America.”

When I heard the roar of appreciation and thunderous applause, I reflected on the situation I was in now.

Here I was, a true veteran, disguised as the greatest fictional veteran of all time, in front of a crowd of hundreds, and basked in the appreciation that my community has for its veterans and the love of their country.

Only in America.

P.S. I didn’t have to buy drinks that night, and I always had a dance partner on the dance floor.

It’s good to be cap.

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