Have you ever been to a restaurant where you said, ‘Do you want to kidnap me?’ when you got the food?

“Luca, it’s better not to eat the caterpillar.”

A year ago, some friends and I were eating in a burger restaurant.

The atmosphere was exuberant, no one had to work or do anything for the university.

We hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

When the burgers came, everyone bit their burgers heartily.Some had chosen a vegetarian option, some a classic variant.

Shortly before Luca wanted to bite into his burger, a friend said:

“Luca, it’s better not to eat the caterpillar.”

Everyone looked at Luca in amazement and then his burger.

A caterpillar snaked its side and enjoyed the lettuce leaf.

We all had to laugh and shouted at a waitress.

“Actually, we kill all the animals while washing the vegetables.”

Not necessarily the best formulation.Especially the vegetarian and vegan friends shook their heads even more vehemently.

Of course, it can happen that a caterpillar finds its way into the kitchen of a restaurant.This actually speaks for the freshness of the vegetables. And of course, animals are often killed either while cooking or long beforehand to make us humans a nice meal.

But the statement of the waiter was far from conducive and did not lift the mood.

The restaurant did not take the incident seriously, as if there were caterpillars on customers’ plates every day in the restaurant.

No one was afraid that this would cause harm.And that was the thing that surprised and disturbed me the most.

There were 5 Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat affinity young men at the table, all of them could have taken instant videos, linked the location and then kicked off a shitstorm.

One of the friends has now opened his own caf茅 and has a long history of good contacts in the gastronomy.

Another is a member of many vegan Facebook groups for which a headline such as:

“In Restaurant X, caterpillars are served for vegan burgers”

A found food would have been.

Each of us had the opportunity to reach hundreds of people instantly via social media.

The restaurant acted as if this possibility did not exist.The waiters were more cheeky than apologetic and it took a few minutes for it to be decided that Luca was getting a new burger.

When the waiters noticed that we were still talking about the caterpillar, Luca was allowed to choose a dessert at the expense of the house.

Neither Luca nor the rest of us enjoyed the food.

With each bite, everyone checked that a sibling of the caterpillar ate through the salad on his burger.

We all didn’t feel taken seriously and in a way messed up.

And we were all never to eat in this burger shop again.

Caterpillars on burgers don’t fit a vegetarian menu.

In my opinion, every restaurant visitor should train his or her staff for such situations.Because in this day and age, everyone can reach thousands of people at lightning speed.

The reputation of a restaurant is often the only reason why you go to a restaurant, besides the price.

Anything can happen, but the fact that the caterpillar situation was handled so badly and no one took us and our reach seriously, instead giving us the feeling of being bad customers, left the restaurant with a single thought:

We were messed up!

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