Have you ever been to a movie that was so bad that you walked out of the hall?

Not myself, but this is a nice place to tell a story about my brothers.They regularly went together to the sneak preview, which in this case was quite full. There came some fine blockbusters, and it’s always hoping you’ll see a little gem krikgt for the release.

So my brothers are waiting in the room, and at the moment the light goes out the one says “if it’s a movie with Julia Roberts, we’re going to hear away”.Hahaha, good joke, because it gets one of the big action movies anyway.

The advertisement is over and a field appears.In The distance a horse is hit. The horse is nearer, and it is clear that a lady sits on it. Even closer and it becomes visible that the lady wears a wedding gown. After a few more seconds her face comes into view: it’s Julia Roberts. My brothers have risen up and walked away from the room without saying a word to each other.

Disclaimer: I was not there, I never saw Runaway Bride (that was the movie in the sneak) and so don’t know if that movie actually starts with Julia in a wedding gown on a horse.But even if it doesn’t, it’s a nice story;)

Yes.The Mothman Prophecies. I was taking a measure to the BIOS and we in the 1st pause so something of ‘ Nah, it is not ‘.

I am a real miserly Dutchman in this respect.If I paid for it somewhere, I’ll consume it too. That goes for bad movies but also for bad music performances and even for eating in a restaurant that I don’t really like.

Have not walked out but have fallen asleep.This was “Not Another Teen Movie”.

I can remember it once.It was in October 1984 when I saw the film Eraserhead in Antwerp, the debut film by David Lynch. From start to finish the movie is a bizarre nightmare, I read later. I can only tell something about the beginning.

This is set in an underground basement world where a brave and shabby family lives.They are already ready for dinner. With his deep eyes, the eldest son looks at us from beneath his high-shaved hairstyle printed on. Over their heads hang thick drain pipes and in the background an industrially banging and boom sounds. Eraserhead is filmed in sepia tones.

While this family sits in minor at the table, it is vague to hear a sharp, animal screech.What they eat is black and slimy and if one of them boasts and the content on a plate crows, a kind of to but then doused with black, slimy sauce, it starts to move on a chicken wing resembling thing on the board as the son tries it with fork and knife To eat.

To lighten the pressure mood, a woman, probably the mother, makes a remark and begins when no one reacts hysterically to laugh, which turns into a hysterical howling mood.

The screech becomes more intrusive and the son walks to its source in a calling departure, just like the first almost empty and with low ceiling.A cradle is mounted against the wall. The curtains are pushed aside. The camera focuses on the baby in the crib.

The head has nothing human.It is a bare, metallic, shiny, dark grey reptile head with saw teeth on a thin neck that opens the mouth and produces the screech.

Then I walked out of the hall.

Blue Velvet by David Lynch

I really couldn’t chew the acting of Kyle MacLachlan .

I highly rarely go to the cinema; I may have been twenty times in my life.However, I can remember four cases in which I walked away prematurely:

  • The Last Emperor by Bernardo Bertolucci.

I thought it was an unintelligible kitsch film, beautiful place without content. Maybe there was some content, but then it passed to me. Walked away In the break.

  • The unlightable … Sorry, unbearable Lightness of Being, by Philip Kaufman.
  • I thought it was an unintelligible kitsch film, beautiful place without content. Maybe there was some content, but then it passed to me. Walked away In the break.

  • Some comic film with Chevy Chase and I believe Richard Pryor, who played between the American soldiers in Afghanistan.
  • They were there but nice to do without it being funny and I found the whole setting particularly unappetizing. Walked away In the break.

  • One day, in the film house in Heerlen, less than 10 visitors showed up for a film by the Portuguese director Manoel de Oliveira, whom I had never heard of, but I love to let myself be surprised by films.
  • To make matters worse, after a minute or two a weld jumped, causing someone to be sucked up to repair the film. Whether we wanted to wait. Yes, I, my company, and another 2 or 3 other people wanted to do that. So he was called, came, and repaired; And just about an hour later the film really started. It turned out to be an absurdistic horror story; If I remember correctly, vampires and more of that kind of people suddenly came out of the sky and I couldn’t tie a rope. It stood against me, so after a minute or ten I walked away. Sorry, repairman. Yeah, that renewed IT movie last year!It should suggest a horror movie, but is really a ridiculous laughingly silly movie & I just love horror so gone away during the movie

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