Have you ever been on a date that went so badly that you decided to walk away?


I don’t like to hurt anyone.Rejecting someone before the date is over I see if someone hurts.

That’s why I’m not going on many dates. I’ll go only if I think it may be something generally.

This date was sooo bad, that I couldn’t wait to tell him I never wanted to go on a date, before the date was over.

I had completely surfaced for the date.A lot of attention from men when I walked in. However, the date got it to look at me from head to toe. I got the feeling that he did that to see if I was ‘ good enough ‘ for him. Then I wanted to walk away already. Then we started chatting. He was divorced. Not me. So at some point I ask him why he was divorced. There were all vague stories from his mouth, until suddenly he dropped out: ‘ She just got too old! ‘ Waaaaaaaaat?!???!?? So I wanted to walk away from the road. We are talking about a man around the 40. Does not look very special, and he also has no money, or special training. And this falls out of his mouth. My plan was even older, since the alternative is not very attractive at the moment. A man who puts his wife on the side because of getting older doesn’t get any points from me, and that can be my trash in before I still go on another date.

Then he said that the restaurant we agreed to previously had a surf bar, and was not as beautiful as it was now (if he had known that, we hadn’t gone there, he said).He also didn’t have any points for it. He had also taken me to the bar area, I pl v the restaurant area. After that, his credit card did not do it, and I was allowed to pay for the vast portion of the food (this was in America, where the man is supposed to pay. I have no problem doing this too, but since this is habit in America, I know that you have a wrong guy if he lets you pay right before the first date). When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, he asked money for the Valee. For he did not want to lose sight for the Valee. Apparently he had no problem with me. I immediately told him that I never wanted to see M again, and wished him further success with love.

A week later I got an e mail where he wrote that he had decided to go with someone else.


The worst date ever.Creep. I do not understand what woman is.

As a feminist, I was simply triggered from all sides.

He asked what I wanted to drink, I said latte macchiato.He asked if I wanted cakes, I didn’t want to. However, he ordered a red velvet cake because “I didn’t have to be ashamed” to order something. Sorry to hear but I’m really able to order a piece of pastry when I pull in it.

I had a date with him around the time when Nouri suddenly became unwell on the football pitch and never woke up again.

That man was therefore quite struck.He himself was in paid football and knew Nouri personally. He indicated that Nouri had greater talent than Messi, but the world would never find out.

I said with all due respect, I understand your grief but Nouri was already 20, it’s normal age for a player to be discovered.Yes he was young but not so super young. If you have a very big talent (better than Messi as you suggest) then you already play for a very big and wealthy club, like Bar莽a or Real, you name it.

And, you know it already. I was a woman so I had no understanding of it.I have to have a penis to be able to watch football. Never seen dick with eyes, sorry.

Ok another topic which almost always comes up: Exen.His ex worked in the care even though he deserved more than enough and she didn’t have to work. I quote: “She washed the buttocks of the elderly and she didn’t earn a turd. After that she met her HBO health care and continued to wash the buttocks with HBO diploma “.

I have always admired people who work in care.Heavily ungrateful work is that. I just wanted to say that to him, but then something was in me and I thought it was late.

I grabbed my jacket, took farewell and walked out the door.

I don’t, but a date of me apparently does.

She said her parking time was on so she had to move the car here.And then she did not come back.

No, but there was one where I should have done it.She was constantly on her phone, which was then just phones, on a chatbox oid. I probably had to be jealous but that’s not quite what the effect was.

No but I have been glad that another did not see it anymore, and did not put any energy into it, so that this whole contact broke down.

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