Have you ever been in school? How was that and why did you drink?

In elementary school, I had a pure fear of two things: the school dentist and swimming lessons.The school dentist always came along with a van. All classes were sent one by one after that van which brought us to the dentist. As for band work, we were “treated” by the dentists. Because I liked it I always had holes, which were filled without anesthesia. My fear was big enough to report me strategically ill when I saw the van coming. The same was the same for the weekly swimming lessons and my water anxiety. My parents have searched for a different dentist for me, and my father has given me swimming lessons to solve both problems.

At a time when the animals stopped speaking and girls went to the Royal Lyceum and boys to the Royal Athenaeum, I have witnessed collective truary behaviour.

It was April 1st and a whole class of boys came by way of joke dropped to the girls school (where even no male teacher was).

The prefect allowed the boys to stay on condition that they just followed the lessons.Cinch?

Brutal bad luck!It was the hour of gymnastics and the JUF was known as Super Stern and noisy as a drill. Through the window across the courtyard we were able to see the boys trod laps through the gymnastic hall, as if they were soldiers during a drill.

That man is a slave tracker complained the boys afterwards.

Some of the boys knew that the girls could occasionally escape the torture by saying they were terribly unasked.Then you should sit out the lesson next to the piano. When they gave up the same excuse for the joke, the JUF was so loud that Mr. Pastor in the church next to it was sure to have heard it.

Oh Yeah. If you were caught or-godbetert-at a certain distance from the Lyceum, the company of a boy, your parents were sent a yellow or a red card at home.

O Tempora, o mores!

No, I did some lessons, then no more.The result was, and still is, that in that case you (at least in Flanders in most schools) received a criminal study.

Criminal study means that you had to attend school the entire Wednesday afternoon to write punishment or to help with jobs.That free Wednesday afternoon was too dear to me to sacrifice.

Did not go to the punishment study, it became two.If you called for one of those two, you were suspended for a few days and from that moment you knew that every misstep could lead to definitive exclusion.

What we did make a sport of was to regularly avoid having to eat sandwiches during the afternoon break.Not so far from our school there was one of the first kebab business of the city. That was running up to that matter, hoping that there was not much people, ordering and running back hard. That usually gave us just enough space to be in the dining room in time. No one was paying attention that it was a kebab that we ate. Until one time there is a person kebab still got some heat vapor. Then they had the reason why we were often present as the last and sometimes a few minutes late.

Yes.I assume it is now barred.

WE, not just me, were able to drink, because we didn’t feel like the lesson, or because two urden were out in advance and we had to come back late in the afternoon for an hour.
We also knew which teacher had the attendance list well and who didn’t take it so closely.This is completely pre-digital era.
Attendance was recorded in a class book, which was to be brought along by the class representative.
Coming too Late was also written in the book.Here too, not every teacher is correct. And that was also well known.

More than truancy, I didn’t take it so closely with the start of the lessons.
Officially, if you were too late, you had to pick up a note at the concierge .On the note, the time was set, and a concierge’s paraph was put. This gave you to the teacher, who then went out that the list of the caretaker came to the school lead, and there was corrective action against notorious latecomers.
When I was once again late, and the caretaker was waiting for himself, I saw a pile of notes lying on his desk.It was blank too late notes.
I put a pile on the bag, and let me read the lesson by the (late) concierge and he gave me a note of the smaller pile to give in the class.

I had already seen the head Concierge’s paraph, and it could be in pretty good namaken.After some exercise I had a pile of initiated freenotes to come late.
These notes were made on an old fashioned Adler typewriter.
Simply by typing the same piece of text 6 times on an A4 sheet of recycled paper and then copying it.The pile was then on an old-fashioned cutting machine. Cut into six sesses. Result: All Scots and crooked notes.

We also had an Adler typewriter and a pile of recycled paper at home.New notes were made quickly. With my false paraph on it, I had a nice front wheel note. More than I needed. So the Friends service was quickly proven, and I was very much in the hand for classmates and friends of the notes.

I personally found the precautionary measure to report to the concierge occasionally, so that I did occasionally in the books, but not often enough to get punishment hours.I also did not explain so many notes that suddenly a wave of late comers arose.

So I never got caught.And I did not realise at the time what the consequences could have been if I had been caught.
Suspension?School removal? Was It falsehood in scripture?

No, never, I was really a very brave pupil, and found learning, which I was good at, Nice, late father was long time chairman of the Board of the school芒 鈧?娄.

No though.At that time there was a weekly school report. To be drawn by the parents. It would have been noted. And if father saw something that he did not like…

He found that I had to keep 8/10 overall average. I was a lazy schoolboy (I woke up to the Univ.) and there were some frovers.What? 7/10?! How can that??! I don’t sign that thing! ” Thus began a ping pong game between the class lecturer (“He must draw not to say that he finds it sufficient but to show that he has seen the report!”) and father (“what? Are you again there with that thing? I don’t sign it I say! “). After 1 or 2 months of ping pong playing in the role of the ball I made sure I loved 8/10. Daddy was a fine psychologist! Lol

So far, I have really been talking about one time.This was in the bridge class. The Latin lesson would first fall out, but a few hours before the lesson suddenly came to Magister (an app/site with your roster, roster changes, numbers, messages from teachers, absences etc.) that the lesson went on anyway. Almost no one had the Latin books with him, so we first planned to be truancy with the whole class (the teacher can’t leave a whole class, we found). We would say that we did not know that the lesson was going on anyway. However, there were 3 girls who had their books with them, because they wanted to learn differently during that hour for the test week that came the next week. Because they weren’t very good in Latin, they still wanted to go to that lesson. Almost no one of the class dared to trubble at that time, because they were afraid that those three girls would click them, on 3 boys and 3 girls (including me). We went to a supermarket within walking distance and then sat down in the canteen. After the lesson, the rest of our class came to us. They said the teacher was not angry (芒 鈧?艙only disappointed) and that we had not been reported absent. Totally perfect.

For half of us this was the last Latin lesson and they would still go to the Athenaeum after the holiday, so they never had to speak that teacher again.The other half of the year was happily another teacher.

Furthermore, the teacher was already the finest teacher ever for pupils who did not do so closely with the rules.I have (like many classmates) watched dozens of times with her, and was only caught once. This was in a test work that already counted for the school exam and so I had to do exam fraud and should not actually do an exam. I may still have it and didn’t even get a 1 (it was a 6.3). Furthermore, classmates and I have been several times more than fifteen minutes late (often intentionally), where they never seemed to have problems with it.

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