Have you ever been in a courtroom, for what and what happened? Were you nervous?

Quite often when I look back..

That was not to be allowed.

  • A few times because of business against defaulpaying customers.
  • That was during the time when companies almost always paid ‘ afterwards ‘ for services. Most of them were cut and shaved. No fun for anyone, but don’t go to that battle, knowing that you’re not chasing your money is fast.

  • Once a lawsuit with a lady who had terminated her domain name ‘ per direct ‘, after which it was lifted.
  • Then she devised herself and wanted her name back. However, it had already been recorded by another and who wanted to have it 芒 ‘ 卢 1500. Whether we wanted to pay for it. She has lost that case.

  • Several lawsuits with Versatel about a competition clause in a sales contract and about various software systems after they had taken over my business.
  • (Founders Fireworks: Finally from Versatel af)

  • One time because an employee had reported ill for a mysterious treatment abroad, it could not be controlled by the company doctor but could be seen partying and crits on social media (in the Netherlands).
  • That proved sufficient for dismissal even though she was reported ill.

  • Another time we had an employee where it was not so nice for a long time.
  • After his resignation was action he appeared for 芒 ‘ 卢 500,-with the credit card of the case priv脙 漏 business to have ordered. Unfortunately, it was no longer possible to turn the dismissal already requested into a dismissal on a standing footing.

  • A few things in family law area with the main outcome that my son lives with me
  • A case against the municipality at the Raad van State IVM.
  • A zoning plan where my garden suddenly would become a protected nature reserve. My garden is still just garden.

    The first time I was nervous because I had no idea what to expect.Then no more.

    Yes, many times, I served there sometimes to be to save the order.One time I was betichte, I had driven too fast, but the noting agents were in error. They had made a heavy parking mistake, which drove me too fast. So I was acquitted, but I did have to pay an amount for the victim fund and others. So I actually found myself convicted, because I had to pay for it.

    I had to come to the Supreme Council with my works council because in a lower court a municipal was held up because the works council of the municipality had not been asked for advice.The Supreme Council destroyed this because of political primaat.

    I wasn’t nervous.The lawyers did all the work and I had no personal interest at all. It was special to come once before the Supreme Council.

    Several times.The first time was a traffic case between the police and a friend of me who was fined for parking in a public place where that was not allowed. I witnessed and could declare under oath that he parked on private premises. Penalty is reversed. Totally not nervous. We knew the agent who wrote the offence was wrong.

    As a potential jury member.

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