Have Neanderthals ever reproduced with humans?

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As you have seen in the previous answers, they have YES. And the crossing was only successful because they were also human beings.They were given their “funny” name after a valley named after a German-reformed church teacher, theologian and hymn writer.This was one of the first places where their fossils were discovered.

To make the injury worse, they looked a lot better and were much smarter than we thought.So what happened?…
Imagine the dark-skinned African immigrants seeing a young Neanderthalwoman:

Or her little sister, who according to her legislation is also considered a woman:

Even by today’s standards, they would be considered “not ape-like.”

I even had a classmate (and first swarm) who looked almost exactly like the little sister … Her father:

… Is on the hunt or maybe on a hot date with a Cro-Magnon chick…

Hoppla, that’s the girl’s father.

Anyway, the fathers are busy, killing each other or getting drunk … So our young immigrants will be busy too, quickly crossing a dark-skinned red hair.

Okay, her father was Denisovan, but the result was pretty similar.

That sounds almost nice, doesn’t it?

Don’t forget that “crossing” usually means “raped,” and that’s not a nice thing. But that is what many of our early modern human ancestors in Europe did: to rape and kill the native Europeans, who lived here relatively peacefully for 400,000 years. The Cro-Magnon-Neanderthal hybrids interfered and lived happily as the new native Europeans … Until mesolithic to Bronze Age immigrants came with the same routine. And this has been repeated several times, even throughout the written history. Our Neanderthal heritage has been pretty blurred, but it’s still there. Want proof? Look in the mirror, Paul. Your hair, your skin, your eyes are the proof. Maybe even your love of art and peace.

The first scene I described happened over forty thousand years ago.We are now at least forty thousand years smarter, so don’t worry, history will not repeat itself. Not in the 21st century. Not in Europe …

p.S. In the pictures: Reconstructions of the early human being based on real skeletal remains.They probably lived thousands of years apart and were gathered on the same page to be just a fictional (?) to illustrate history.

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