Have Neanderthal practiced cannibalism?

There are some traces of bone fossils by Neanderthals as well as by anatomically modern humans, which suggest anthropophagism (now called instead of cannibalism).In this respect: YES.


Not all traces of de-meating by human editing tools on human bones are clear evidence of anthropophagism.

There are or aregave funeral rituals that are incomprehensible to residents of industrialized nations. For example, some peoples have freed the bones of their dear deceased from attachments after their decay, and then carried the bones with them, placed them in tree cavities, and brought them out again at the appropriate opportunity. Many such rites are known to ethnologists, but that does not mean that quite different rites were not practiced at some point in ancient times.

In order to prove anthropophhism unequivocally, the skeletal remains must, on the one hand, have scrapes, which are clearly caused by human processing / Neanderthals and, on the other hand, have skeletal parts lethal and unhealed traces.This double proof is pending.

However, the ‘simple’ evidence is quite convincing for an assumption



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For relativization only: corresponding traces of editing by Homo sapiens are far more numerous, the literature for this can fill a library.In addition, there are even treatises on the subject in literature and film (e.g. Dracula, perfume), as well as in modern times court and criminal law files of clearly documented cases.

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