Have humans evolved from single-celled organisms?

>>>Have humans evolved from single-celled organisms?<<<


The evolution of living beings can be crystallized linguistically as follows:

“ONLY simple, single-celled creatures, over 1 billion years ago, and a variety of single- and multi-celled creatures, NOW”

That in itself does not mean something to everyone in the sense that “then the multi-cellular living beings, over generations and generations, came from simple single-celled beings.”

Here science in its didactics, with permission, is simply pathetic.Science itself does not care whether “you believe it”.

The evolution of living beings can be brought to the point at the individual level, in short: individual development as follows.

“Even now, all multi-celled creatures come from a single-cell edible living being: mostly, but not always, a so-called one.Zygote”

This argument is not trivial: we take it for granted, even though it is not in itself.Just as well, the multi-cellular creatures could develop from a reproductive product, which is produced by the melting of parental cells as porridge, which then turns into a multi-cell embryo, e.g. a homunculus (multicellular human being) Differentiated. There is even an analogous process, in the development of insects with complete transformation, where in the doll the multi-cell organism of the larva is first completely melted down. But here, too, the multi-cellular organism, the larva, comes first from a single-celled organism.

The evolution of living beings can also be commented on as follows

“The biochemical phaenomenes in the most diverse living beings show extremely many similarities – far more similarities than differences”

Whoever proclaims “these facts are insufficient, however, they do not in any way sufficiently substantiate the assertion that man was volvolen from one-cellers” is simply that: scientifically uneducated, and glorifies his arrogant ignorance arrogantly for a ” Critical attitude”.

These specs can be seen in the fact that they let themselves be left on QUORA until vomiting about what Mr. Charles Darwin dunnemals thought and proclaimed about evolution.Popular is for example: “There is no selection because I can’t see it” – which is a fog candle, because there is no object called “Selection”

Or: “Now science has found that the vestigial organs (these are structurally regressed body parts) are not vestigial at all” (in the sense of FUNCTIONALre- – as if this were to say anything in this context (evolution) (in the sense of a opposition).But gelt, you can try it, so according to the motto “semper aliquid haeret” –“there will be some stupid people where something gets stuck”

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