Has your dog ever tried to teach you something important?

DOUBLE AT least!My two oldest Rottweilers (both about 8 years old) found another animal abandoned on our doorstep. We use the entrance quite rarely, so I wouldn’t have found out until much later.
They both jumped over the gate into the front yard – something they NEVER did – they looked up and barked wildly, so I should come very urgently.When I saw it, my thought process was something like this:

  1. Oh no, a dead rat!
  2. Oh!

It’s a dead kitten!

  • Oh!
  • It moved!!

    I took it in my hand and jumped out of my skin, it was so thin and goaty and like YOUNG.It weighed 64 grams and I could easily count the ribs. I took a dog box where I usually keep a plant. I heated water for a hot water bottle, carefully wrapped it in a towel to insulate it, and put the kitten in it. Then I covered it with more towels and went looking for a bottle and some milk powder.

    The poor cat didn’t want to drink anything and I was sure she was going to die.The younger of these two dogs unfortunately had only three legs due to bone cancer. She was really spoiled by us, I thought she wouldn’t survive long. So I got a big can of tuna. I opened it and put a little piece on the kitten’s tongue – suddenly the undercooled and “unconscious” kitten started sucking on the tuna. That afternoon it had eaten a large spoonful of tuna and was a little more active.

    I picked up a small box and set up my own place for kittens with a warm bed, a cat cloister and a water bowl as well as a cuddly toy.I thought that the sun shining through the windows would be good for kittens, so I put the box on our freezer in the weak winter sunshine. Everything went well and the kitten ate regularly that night and the next morning again.

    The next morning, when I wanted to read my emails, my 3 legged dog came and wanted my attention – not just like that. I seemed to insist that I come with her!I followed her and saw something pretty funny.

    The poor kitten (I guess it was about 3 weeks old) was so thin that it dangled from the hip held between the box and another cupboard in the air.But don’t worry, our oldest dog stood on tiptoes under him and supported him with the tip of her head.

    Now that the kitten is older, we call it Jenner.He grew up with our litter of Rottweiler puppies, which was born only a week after I found him.

    We kept a male and a female from the litter who are close friends with Jenner.Whenever he goes to the vet, he is accompanied by his “sister and brother” Rottweilers. He was very scared at the age of 12 weeks when he first left, so I took him and Buster, our male puppy, with me. They cuddled up to my lap while we waited for us to turn up. Jenner now weighs 3kg and Buster weighs a petite 50kg – still best friends! Buster was ten weeks and Jenner about 14 weeks when we took this photo in the vet’s waiting room.

    When it came to Buster’s turn to be examined, Jenner kicked out a loud yell – Morgana, Buster’s sister cuddled Jenner straight on.

    Dakota has died after a great 20-month battle with her cancer.Jenner missed her for weeks, but over time she realized it. We also got two more cats that Jenner doesn’t like so much. Our Rottweilers all the more!

    I wonder why our friends call our house the “funny farm”.

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