Has your child ever done something that is actually “wrong,” but you were still proud of your child? why?

My big one was in second grade and got stress from all corners and ends, was the bullying victim par excellence.At that time I was still trying to accommodate him in a sports club and drag him from trial training to rehearsal training. At some point it was also martial arts, he participated well, was there a few times, the coach thought he was talented, we should think about whether he would not want to get in.

One morning the call from the school: I should come TO pick up my son SOFORT.In the office of the director. SOFORT, as I said . The secretary did not want to give me the reason for this, she only said that my son would already be sitting in the office of the director, who wanted to speak to me urgently.

Once there, I was told that the child had started a brawl, which fortunately did not result in any serious injuries.But of course this could not be accepted, he was suspended with immediate effect and graciously only for that day, IF he would apologize to the victim of his attack. I asked my son what had happened, but he just stared at the director in anger and was dumb as an oyster. After long explanations on my part, this was now the opportunity to tell what had happened, he didn’t need to be afraid and immediately he said only quietly at some point: “That was not a brawl. But they don’t believe me anyway.”

“After all, he let a fourth-grader go to the ground,” the principal said.”A much bigger and stronger boy. He didn’t get any more air and we can only hope he didn’t break anything.”

Tears glistened in my son’s eyes.

“How did you do that?” I asked him, somewhat indignantly.I knew that he had fought with bigger and heavier ones a few times in the martial arts group, but also that the use of all the learned techniques off the mat is strictly frowned upon, which was also invaded by the children over and over again.

“I thought it wouldn’t work anyway,” he howled. “But I hit the lever perfectly!I had no idea how great he would fly…”

He collapsed howling on my lap, calmed down at some point, brushed his nose and could barely pinch my grin, didn’t even know where to look, asked him, “You know that the handles and throws don’t belong in the schoolyard?” He nodded and started crying again. When he had calmed down, he then told him that this boy had annoyed him all the time with stupid sayings about his long hair, then he went everywhere and then told him not to run after him all the time and then he would be on a run towards him with a raised fist…

The director was shaken.Why did he not tell anyone that the boy was annoying him? That would have been the least… It shouldn’t have happened…

“I am not a pet,” said my son, utterly indignant.

Yes, in this situation I was proud of my boy, even if he had done something wrong.

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