Has Trump been exonerated by Mueller? why? Or why not?

If we are just talking about Mueller’s investigation, the answer is a clear and uncannary.
Trump was exonerated by Mueller.
Why am I saying this?
Because the letter has written to Rod Rosenstein, who launched the investigation and elevated Mueller to the post of special counsel, defined a very clear framework and gave clear powers.
First, the letter, which is publicly available:

Can be seen here:

In point (a), Robert Mueller is appointed special counsel.
Point (b) becomes exciting:
The Special Counsel will conduct an investigation previously confirmed by former FBI Director James Comey before Congress.
Sub-item (i) defines a clear framework for the investigation:
It is intended to verify whether individuals associated with Trump’s campaign had ties to Russia and/or coordinated with Russia.
Sub-item (ii) states that any matter that can be investigated directly from the investigation.
Sub-item (iii) refers to a law that in itself says that any disturbance, manipulation, lie, etc.

which aim to mislead or disrupt the Special Counsel investigations, should also be punished as a crime.

Point (c) becomes even more exciting:
Here the Special Counsel is empowered to prosecute any crimes found that are found.In other words, he does not pass on a recommendation like James Comey did in the Clinton investigation, no, the Special Counsel may directly indict and bring to justice.

Point (d) defines the legal framework set for this determination.

I will summarize again:
The subject of the investigation was whether and which persons connected to Trump’s campaign had ties to Russia and/or coordinated with Russia.
There were 0 charges in this matter.
Mueller has been charged with other crimes, but they had nothing to do with Trump and his alleged collusion with Russia.
Mueller was empowered to bring charges.However, he has not brought a single indictment in connection with coordination or collusion with Russia. In this regard, Mueller has not even been able to find evidence.

What were the accusations against Trump that were brought all the time by the media and the Democrats?
High treason, cooperation with Russia to steal the 2016 election, etc.
These allegations were made by the media and everyone else without evidence.
Now Mueller has issued a warning: there is no evidence of cooperation with Russia.

So Trump, on this issue, is completely relieved.
Shame only that the media and Democrats have invested more than two years in the idea that Trump is a Russian agent or allegedly committed treason… That cost them confidence….

ps: Investigations are still underway against Trump in the Southern District of New York (SDNY).But they have NOTHING to do with Russia and are more likely to look at Trump’s business and finances. Whether Trump is guilty on this matter is and remains another matter.

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