Has there ever been something ‘ scientifically proven ‘ in the past that was not found to be true afterwards?

The hallmark of science is precisely that it continually restores, corrects and improves itself.Otherwise it is not science. We regard something as ‘ scientifically proven ‘ to the contrary. And that happens constantly. It is the scientific method.

Much of what was considered ‘ scientifically proven ‘ in the 50-er and 60-er years proved to be incorrect.

Do not read in the dark, your eyes go to it (my mother in the 60-er years): incorrect

A banana, there is nothing in it (again my mother): incorrect

From masturbating you get ruggemergstering/you become blind/etc (1890, 1900): Incorrect

The earth is centerpiece of the universe (Catholicism, CA 1600): Incorrect


Science begins with the realization that you do not know something and try to prove all sorts of theories through the scientific method.It does not pretend to be correct. Have developed the best possible and correct theory. Once proven, the sport is finding a counter-argument or observation that detested the theory. Most theories are well enough to be practically applicable. Usually it suffices in a disappointing experiment to refine the theory. For example, the theory of gravity is applicable in all practical conditions on Earth but you need a more refined theory for a GPS determination. The theory was wrong, but it was very useful.

In addition, you have directions that call themselves science, but are less fundamental.For example, psychology is the science that man studied in his environment. You feel at your tea water that one and another is difficult to measure. One talks about correlations instead of exact measurement. In recent years there has been improvement because one can make the activity of the brain visible. At the extreme end of these directions you encounter people who are keen to rely on a scientific touch to justify themselves, but do not practice science at all. Esoteric Sciences? Religious studies? All types of alternative medicine? What’s in a name.

Scientifically little is proven.Only something very likely is made. In the field of physics, little has not proven true. The first astronomers who used the Repor ter method (Copernicus and Gallilei) were broadly at the right end. The Earth still revolves around the sun while the sun’s status as a small star was discovered only later.

In the medical field, the vision changes more often.So it was believed that masturbating was bad, that homosexuality was a disease, that many eggs eat was bad for he cholestorol and that throat almonds could be best removed.

From peanut butter you get cancer,

Once you have used heroine, you are addicted to the rest of your life.

Hashish smoking is the upsize to all sorts of addictions.

If salt were to be invented now, it would not be admitted on the market.

The acid rain.

From eating eggs you get acute heart complaints.

The handling of the predicate ‘ proven ‘ is quite recent, and it is not just being glued anywhere.But we can see that certain things are not correct. For instance, the Newtonian gravity almost always gives the right results, but Einstein needed to get the ‘ almost ‘ away and generate a gravitational theory that always works. But Newton’s theory had one singularity, something that couldn’t be beat if all formulas were followed consistently. Einstein’s theory has several. Einstein also said that it is not entirely true what he invented, but we now have nothing better. So, the general theory of relativity has been proven, but his creator said that it might not be quite correct. And we know that there is a day when we learn that it is ultimately not (completely) true, although it is certainly scientifically proven.

I believe that around 1890 someone had ‘ proven ‘ that appliances heavier than air could never fly to transport people.

Science renewed itself constantly.There will be evidence of evidence or proof. However, this is mainly done in research. New discoveries have to be proven from several surveys. Or it is proven that something is not right.

Finally, the great scientific discoveries have been established.

Save the Internet and you will find countless.

In Stephen Fry’s QI, he tells us that most of the facts he tells after 10 years have not been found to be true or partial wrong.Purely through new insights into science.

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