Has the time now come to investigate how psychiatric crisis services are dealing with serious crisis situations in protective housing?

Very sure!

When you work at a psychiatric crisis service, superhuman demands are made to you

First you need to learn to drive. That’s not a thing! You have to learn that your car will go to the left when you turn the handlebar to the left, turning right through the handlebar to the right.

You should also be able to find the address in a serious crisis in a protective housing form and to program it into your GPS!

It is advisable to go to primary school for a few years to learn to read and write, because otherwise you do not understand the strange symbols on your GPS. (We call them letters and numbers).

But if you are ultimately in the destination, you as a scammer must be able to deeply humiliate and ridicule people who are suicidal or desperate and in the end, heavily aggressive or heavily alcoholic, by making your story Sticking that no recording is needed, or that there are no places due to the cuts.

It is the question here, why you have to come on the spot to say, that no recording is needed (a dirty, shy lie) or that there can be no recording by the cuts!

You could have said that by the phone, when you were called.

The unethical liars of psychiatric crisis services not only sacrifice the client!Fellow clients are the victims of a suicidale, threatening, psychotic co-client, which is not included.

And the team members of protective living forms, which are NOT Medici.NO Psychiatrists, NO trauma experts, are in a very shy way forced by the criminals of the crisis service to step outside their shores and take medical responsibilities that they cannot and cannot take, because they do not have the experience , neither the training nor the powers for it.

You cannot hold someone in a protective living form and prohibit him/her from going outside! A protective housing form is not a closed crisis department. Someone locking up without a judge’s permission is 芒 鈧?艙involuntary Freedom Deprivation 芒 鈧?and that is punishable.

It is now time for an in-depth, national investigation into external crisis shelter within protective living forms.Does the regional crisis service work with it, or against it?

Can safety in the house still be guaranteed?Can the team members still do the client’s situation in crisis? Want to get fellow clients away because they are afraid of the client in crisis? Does the client’s crisis behaviour lead to so much anger from neighbourhood dwellers that residents and team members of the living form find threatening letters in the post or are threatened or waived on the streets?

I hope that the action of psychiatric crisis services and its impact on safety within protective housing will be subject to a large-scale, national investigation so that we can, on the basis of this data, be in a process of Negotiation with the government can come to improve the situation!

So as it goes now, it may no longer be!



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