Has anyone ever seen God?

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Moses had already learned that no man could see God and survive (Exodus 33/20); only spirits can see God.

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Why does God allow evil?

A question that concerns many people, especially religious ones!God, under whose inspiration the Bible was written, knew in the first place that this question would be asked, and answered it in His Word.

The serpent (Satan, the devil, cf.Rev.12/9) made in the Garden of Eden the assertion that men would not die despite transgression of his commandment (Genesis 3/1-5); with it he accused God of lying; with this not enough, he slady God by insinuating that by forbidding men to withhold something good (namely, the agency which is good and evil)



But in doing so he indirectly asserted that God would not exercise his dominion out of love.From this he concluded that God would not exercise his dominion lawfully;

Satan thus denied the legitimacy of God’s dominion or sovereignty, not his omnipotence.

God did what any righteous judge would do: he allowed Satan to provide the proof of the veracity of his claims; In the course of this evidentiary procedure, God allowed Satan to become the ruler of this world (John 14/30; 1.John.5/19).God first let people (starting with Adam and Eve) go their own way.

The quality that emerges here is the righteousness of God, precisely for clarifying the questionsraised.

After the first human couple had cut off their connection to God, i.e. to the living, imperfection was the result, and as a result illness and death.Since we are descended according to the hereditary laws of Adam and Eve, all men have received this bad inheritance.

The idea expressed here is generally known as ‘original sin’.:

The descendants of Adam have thus slipped into this situation without personal guilt, so God has already expressed in the Garden of Eden a prophecy that contains a glimmer of hope for mankind, namely that once the “snake” would trample the head, which would bring freedom.

As for Satan’s assertion in the Garden of Eden, namely that independence from God would be more beneficial to the human race, is also almost decided.Satan could not prove that men under his dominion were better off than under the dominion of God.

Thus, as biblical prophecy shows, the time has come for God to spoil, according to Rev.11/18, those who perish the earth, which means that the global trial of evidence is complete and judgment is upon the corner.All that is left is to collect those who willingly submit to the dominion of God by changing their lives according to God’s needs.With these people, god will create a new world order after the execution of the judgment, thus proving that his dominion is the best and that he is able to create paradise with the descendants of Adam and Eve.

This global evidentiary process will indelibly imprint itself in the memory of the entire rational creation as a precedent and will create the basis for immediately solving a possible case of rebellion.

Regarding the restoration of things, the Lord’s Prayer states:

Mat.6/10 .

God had them announced before the courts in past times, for example before the Flood (2.Peter.2/5) or before Babylonian captivity (Jer.25/11,12).Je.hovas Ze.ugen, on the basis of the rich prophecy of the Bible, have realized that we live in the time before the divine judgment and make this known worldwide. The Book of the Law of the Kingdom of God is the Scriptures, hence the encouragement on the part of Jehovah’s Witnesses to all to deal with it more. There are the requirements that God places on those who want to live under His kingdom.

[1) the word “recognize” has three meanings in the Bible 1) “know” or “understand knowledge” 2) “decide” analogously, forexample, to the “knowledge of the Supreme Court” (cf.1.Moses 3/22), 3) Sexual intercourse (Genesis 4/1 according to various translations).

Point 3 is not true here, nor is point 1, because adam knew according to the given commandment what is good and evil according to the point of view of God.

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