Has anyone ever broken into your home?

Five years ago I woke up by Glass Gerinkel very early in the morning.It was the day that garbage was picked up, so I thought it was the garbage men and I turned again. I live in a large detached house.

At that time, there was a burglary wave in the area where I live.

When I came downstairs and headed to my office at home I found it cold.I soon saw why. The glass door (3 meters wide) was entered. Handsome, as the multi-layer safety glass is.

An employee’s laptop and my SLR camera failed.The iMac tried to loosen them but it turned out too big.

Looking at the camera footage of my then analogue black-and-white cameras I saw one tall and one smaller man on a scooter looking around for a while on my yard and then apparently the garden walked in.They have certainly spent ten minutes with a stone to take the door in.

The police came along after a few hours to secure traces, but of course there were hardly any of them.

A few weeks later.I’m still at work in the evening, I had the curtain close which looks over the road from my office. I see someone under the curtain looking through and quickly run up the driveway on my socks. I still just see a scooter driving away.

Again a few weeks later.I’m barbecued by the overneighbours, 300 metres away.I look towards my yard and I see two guys with a scooter standing on the country next to my yard. Coincidentally a longer and a little smaller. A climb over the fence.

Together with a neighbor I drive their direction. We speak to the boys who supposedly wait for one Teun who lives there.But there is no one who lives Teun. I’ve put them both on the picture, under much of a boom on their part.

I think to myself “they keep trying to get in to succeed” and decided that I should deterthem.The neighbor turned me home and I quickly walked in to get out again soon, while the two boys found themselves very tough and decided to stay in front of the country of my neighbors, about 70 meters away.

I am also a sports shooter and possess (legally) a firearm.

Incriminating myself I am not going to do so, and since anonymous does not always show anonymous I am not going to repeat what I did, but assume that they were shocked by what I did and that I saw the start of the Benelux record scooter improved on the spot.

The photo of the two boys we have shared on Facebook with the whole environment.48 hours later I knew their name, where they work, what training they follow and who their family is. The two boys were recognized everywhere.One turned out to be a technical training (plumber) and the other turned out to be the son of someone with a shop in second hand stuff. One of them even went wrong because he was recognized.

The burglary wave is then stopped.

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