For the people who no longer live in the Netherlands, what do you miss the most in terms of food?

Those are: salt herring.Old cheese. Real, good Gouda stroopwafels, not the cheap and sugar sweet that are for sale here. Croquette. Delicious. Bun Eel.

Last year, on a Delta flight from Houston to San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico, and back again, we were treated to the coffee on an individual and neat, hermetically packaged, genuine, brand-fresh and delicious Gouda Stroopwafel.

Great.The pride I really felt towards my travel companions: “Yes that comes from Holland now!”

Unreal to meet so far “away”, at home.I come from Waddinxveen, near Gouda.

Yes, Holland remains “at home”.Even after more than 50 years. You are flooded with such unexpected golden moments.

Asked to reply (A2A):

With me it’s the other way round: 17 years came from Indonesia in Belgium, with 20 years I moved to Amsterdam, have since continued to live in the Netherlands.
Like others already replied, I would miss smoke sausage and kale.Sauerkraut, which I also like very much, you can get in the whole German language area, also in France, and in the Benelux, but most “Dutch” food I find nothing.

My (Chinese) tutor Chinese has been remarried as an adult woman with a Dutchman and has cancelled her senior officer’s job and has moved to the Netherlands.She has been well integrated after two difficult early years, although the pronunciation and accent (but not her vocabulary) still remains difficult. This does not apply to her now 20 + year old TU Delft student daughter who has perfectly integrated herself as a teenager, including Accenteless ABN speaking.

She finds cooking for her husband very simple: potatoes (the kind that he lust, she did not know that there were so many sorts of potatoes that she learned from him), cooking vegetables, roasting meat, gravy over it and ready Kees.We both find little food culture. By now she has taught herself Chinese cooking at a high level, as she was accustomed to eating in her previous job. (She had to live in her previous life on weekdays always for other officials who came to visit hostess, so eat in expensive restaurants.) So as her daughter comes home, delicious authentic Chinese cooked. That’s only cooking!

Oh, that’s a long list.

A nice currants scoop with matured cheese.


Small sprouts.(Here they are about 7 -cm and they can stomp them just as well)

Butter cake.




Peas and snow peas.

Blood sausage.

Herring with Onions


Butter letters with almond paste.

I’ve been back a while again, but at that time it was: drop, stroopwafels, smoked sausage, kale (in Vienna B.V. there was one farmer who converted it especially for the Dutch community) and old cheese.

Kale Stew

When I lived outside the Netherlands, I missed the standard things like liquorice and peanut butter.But above all, and that is really tricky to get, good Indian food.

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