Face App can be found everywhere on social media, a great success. But is it true that this app is just the Russians that collect data about you? If this is true, how can this data be useful in some way?

The Russians are not the problem. Take Google for example.Google collects all data about you neatly when you use one of its products. Even if you don’t have a Facebook profile, they have a profile about you. Similarly, the pages you click on when you have done a search through Google. By using an algorithm, Google will match your search results. For example, Google notices that you click on a website that is related to cars every search query.

Google will give you more and more results with websites about cars.If you continue to click on the results with cars long enough, your Google searches will only provide pages full of links to car websites. You have now ended up in the so-called ‘ Filter bubble ‘.

This Filter bubble is dangerous and unfair, because you get a kind of tunnel vision.You only come into contact with opinions and topics that confirm your vision of life. You will never see more results that deviate from your opinion. You can therefore not be convinced by arguments on which you may want to adjust your opinion.

Also, this kind of data is used for elections to persuade certain people.And manipulate. And even WORSE: your info is sold and used. People with higher incomes will get better search results on work and homes for example. And who decides where what you will see?

It’s a kind of racisme芒 鈧?娄 because everyone deserves the same searches.

It does not have to be per s脙 漏 the Russians.Probably it is not * only * the Russians, if that is the case.

Whatever you do on the Internet, whether you use Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook or a Web page, your data is * collected and analyzed everywhere.In particular, you will be taken out of it, what you do on a website or in an app, and especially not. There seems to be nothing wrong with that. Is not it either. It can make a website or app better and tailor it to your interests. Advertisements of things that you find interesting are more pleasant than randomly chosen advertisements, although no advertisements are even better (that cannot, the websites have to make costs and those with advertisements recoup).

But the analysis of that data goes much further.The more they know about you, the more precise they can 芒 鈧?虄prognos芒 鈧劉 what you are going to do in a situation. And * that * information is interesting for many target groups. Marketing people can determine their ideal audience for a product, for example. But also scientists who study behaviour can learn from it.

Even if you do not use the Internet you are the Klos: In the supermarket they pick up every product that is sold along the scanner.This can also provide demographic and interesting information for marketing. And how about that customer card, your Air miles card or your fuel pass?

Wireless Lab is the developer and they are Canadian.

As soon as the word Russians fall, everything is panicked.That will be the turning of this; Panieksowing so that an innovative idea is smothered in the bud again. In the meantime, every game asks for access to your foto芒 鈧劉 s and there are few people objecting to it.

What could they do about it.Usually you see in the terms and conditions what the business plan is. They are allowed to use your foto芒 鈧劉 s and sell for X and Y. Please note whether they can do this with your contact information or not. For if it does, then the Russians and the Chinese and the CIA and MI6, and even our aivd, have a little to do.

The app has existed for a long time.What makes it odd, however, is not only that it has been developed in Russian territory from which many cybercrime happened, but even more why suddenly from the Middle East celebrities massively began to post images of themselves on social Media. The domino effect, which was also a massive resonance in Belgium, is also strange. The app has existed for two years.

I read this in a news post about it: (Source: vrt.be)

What immediately stands out when reading the privacy policy is that it dates back to 20 January 2017, while THE European GDPR legislation has not been initiated until 25 May 2018,” notes Maarten Verhaghe, privacy expert at VDV Advocaten, on. 芒 鈧?/i>

And further one mentions:

What is particularly disturbing is that FaceApp focuses on tracking personal data, surfing habits, preferences and more, while the company barely rept with a word about the fact that Foto芒 鈧劉 s are processed and stored.

This does not seem to me much different as what some Western companies do.As the Belgian VRT recently forced Google to confess that the company is actually listening to people through their assistant app people, even when it’s not about voice searches. VRT received access to more than 1000 recorded sound fragments, some of which contain extremely delicate information.

It is true that FaceApp is from a Russian developer and that you give them explicit access to your photo gallery, and that they may use this foto芒 鈧劉 s in their sole discretion, unconditionally and without compensation.

But there is nothing new under the sun.Facebook (American) has been doing the same for years.

I have no idea in what sense this can be useful for them, unless you have photo芒 鈧劉 s of sensitive military, economic or Industrial documents (would not be smart) on your phone.I cannot imagine that the KGB gets excited by Foto芒 鈧劉 s of my family members and friends, myself and my holiday snaps.

Anyway Faceapp does not install.

The Democrats just want to keep Russia in the news.Here they have problems with it. But when they let their server check for tampering by the Russians by the company Crowdstrike, a company that only knew its IPO this year, they apparently had no problem with it. That company is headed by Dmitri Alperovitch, a Russian, whether he has American nationality, I do not know. Also, the Democratic Party had no problem to leave their entire IT to anyone with Pakistani nationality, who then fled to there, after wrecked hard disks, fleeing the US justice.

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