Everyone recommends me to meditate. But I never manage to empty my head and stop thinking. Is Meditation for me? What can I do?

First of all, don’t be discouraged by people who say you can’t learn it.

So, now that we have that out of the way we can go to meditating itself.

Alan Watts, Sadghuru make Bijden a very interesting point, namely:

“Have you ever tried to stop breathing?Do not succeed hey, otherwise you were not reading this now. “

So is your subconscious mind too, so why would you want to keep it silent?That is what the rest of you regulate, run, perform actions that you do not have to think about.

Sounds kinda crazy, silencing your brain.

What you * can * do is when you meditate and think about it, let that thought go ahead.Let him go back and forth and go from the heel to the branch. At some point, you’ll find that nothing more is about jumping back and forth. You will learn that you can let things be subconsciously, entrust it.

You have to learn when you need to listen to your subconscious, and when not.And after a lot of practice you can actually reach that and you come to the point where you more or less delegate something, but no longer thinks about it all day. And you only let the thoughts go in when you want it or not.

Especially a lot of learning, practicing, trying.

There are many different types, ways and currents in terms of meditation, I encourage you to deepen and look for what works for you.I personally find Alan watts tremendously interesting in this.

Good luck!

Take a good Zen teacher. It is almost impossible to learn it yourself!

Core of the matter is that you are attempting to make non-thinking.But it never succeeds. Your focus is like a wild monkey, which swings from vine to Vine and never sits still.By giving him something nonsensible, you can approach the non-thought.

Sit still and upright.Watch your breathing. On your in-and exhalations. And count to 10 at each exhalation. Breathe deeply. Even further yes. In and out. Counting up to 10 is not an end in itself. If you’re at 10, start again at 1. And once you think of it somewhere else (“Oh, I still have to go to the grocery store. I still need this and that, what that guy said last again, that movie I still have to see Yes, etc, etc, etc, etc “) once even something takes your attention and you notice that, you start again at one….

It’s not about that you shouldn’t think of anything else, but to the fact that it strikes you that you do!And start again at one….

This could be curious, go to a trial lesson or so, or speak to a good teacher.No one can do this alone and himself. So a successful step 1 is: Find out who it might be near you and make a choice, do such a conversation. Usually costs nothing.

Ademin.Breath-One. Ademin (Further, further) breathed-tweeeeeeee, breath-drieieieie (deeper, deeper), breathless-vieieieier,…..

Start with 7 minutes.If it succeeds 1 minute longer. Until after a few months or so: 20 minutes. 2x per day. But is not a goal in itself!

I have no time for that. Think many.

Error.You will be more focused on this, you will become more efficient in what you do, you are going to make much less mistakes that you do not have to solve or repair or make good or once again.So you get more than that amount of time back.

If you think it’s too busy , you can’t afford to do it.

Find that teacher

It’s also not easy though.Many, many people have the same experience. You are absolutely not alone. It’s a skills you need to learn, just like cycling/swimming. There are several things you can do.

  • Do an (online) program.

Starting with multiple people often helps though. Good guidance makes it easier

  • Install an app (along with group of acquaintances) and take it seriously for at least a consecutive period for a month.
  • You don’t have to spend an hour with it every day. 10 minutes. If you are just awake for example..

  • You don’t always have to sit still.
  • Sports, only by nature walking, a simple household task.. That is also allowed. Although not everyone agrees, it may be that this is more appropriate.

  • Last “my” simplest way.
  • Sit/lie in a place where you do not have distractions. Eyes open or close. Try to breathe in your belly and at every breath: “Breathe rest in… Breathe out all the crowds “. Sometimes the exhale is accompanied by sound, sometimes it goes silently. But concentrate on your breathing. Try this one minute per day. And extend it where desired/needed

    If above fails and you really want to meditate.. There are countless workers/retreats in the country and abroad.It takes some, but you are immersed in meditation.

    Forget it, because it is not so important in itself.Go do something that makes you feel comfortable. That gives the same effect. For some, that is meditation, for others fishing and for others (like me) a bit of driving. (I know, not policor, but it works for me.)

    I’m gonna make an attempt at an answer, and I have a somewhat pronounced opinion, so in advance I apologize for the lack of nuance here and there.I think while I type and I do little editing.

    First of all: who is “everyone” and why do they recommend your meditation?This is not a question for an answer although it is seriously asked;)

    I meditate for years now and on, coincidentally I just started a specific cycle of a few months.I do this meditation when I walk and find solutions somewhere in my life. So when I find it necessary.

    When I first did this form, it was commissioned by a coach and I have been able to get much less out of it than I do now.

    That is why my question, and related to it: why should you meditate because “everyone” recommends it to you?It is not a sacred means. For me, chocolate can work just as relaxing as a minute or three to breathe the rhythm of a song. I don’t get my head blank if it needs to be commissioned.

    Or empty at all.I’m also just a woman…

    So if I can give unsolicited advice: if I were you, I would first start figuring out why you should ‘ meditate ‘, whether the shape is suitable for you and whether you are behind it.

    And if the answer to all three questions turns out positively for meditation, then just start small with moments of relaxation.From there you automatically roll into meditation.

    Meditation is difficult for the western man who lives mainly in his head.The easiest is to learn what pranayama (breathing techniques) you apply for your meditation. You reach a quiet state by bringing the frequency of breathing down to 3/4 times per minute. The meditation will be easier.

    The purpose of meditation is to make contact and strengthen the spiritual self. Look inward, give attention to the innerness, light, love, truth, unity of the spiritual self. You can use affirmations, mantras, ‘ I am a spiritual being, a radiant sun of light and love, pure and a wonderful being, Innocent “.

    Ye can also meditate walking, important is to give attention to the spiritual self.

    The thoughts in your head must be fully express, exaggerate, cry, scream, knock on a sofa, become conscious and learn the necessary lessons.

    If thou hast given enough space to your thoughts, then if thou wilt meditate, then ye shall always try to bring your attention back to the spiritual self “I am a shining sun of light and Love”

    Thou can also try some kind of mindfulness.

    For example, if ye are awakened to stay in your bed and bring your attention to your feet, if ye have difficulty in giving your attention to your feet, simply touch your feet to feel your feet. Then give attention to your legs, you can choose both legs or at First judge and or left leg.

    Energy follows attention. And so give attention to your body and thus let the energy flow from your feet to your head and back. A kind of relaxation technique and also your body irrigation with energy. Normally you feel a bit heavy. Stop on time.

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