Emissions free in 2030 in Amsterdam… Is this realistic? How can that be achieved?

No.It is symbol politics.

There is no dome around Amsterdam… The air in Amsterdam does not come from Amsterdam at all.

The measures will therefore make the air in and around Amsterdam barely cleaner.

And as long as Amsterdam still has a lot of datacenters, a small bit of industry and a port….And there are large ships that give a lot more (sulphur + particulate matter) emissions than all the cars in Amsterdam combined are the measures completely pointless and hunt those only poorer Amsterdammers from the city.

After all, the citizens must sell their cars while the industry is simply free to play.Or do you think that this cargo boat from China will now sail on batteries?

In addition, electric cars are far from emissions-free.That flow must be generated somewhere.

And with only 1 power-supplying nuclear power plant in the Netherlands and the limited availability and usability of renewables (not more than 7%, only if the sun shines and it blows) that will remain so for the time being.

As a result, more electric cars produce slightly less CO2 + SO2 emissions (because it is now more efficient to generate this large scale in a power plant) but that there is indeed emissions.

And as far as the local air quality in the city is concerned, CO2 hardly plays a role.

Fine dust though.

Most fine dust in the city comes from tires, brake discs and the road surface.Emissions from internal combustion engines. Diesel engines therefore produce less particulate matter than gasoline engines.

And if we also have to get rid of the natural gas and your house is not modern and/or very well insulated and therefore unsuitable for a heat pump…. then a wood-fired resume is an attractive alternative… And that only gives more particulate matter.

This can certainly be achieved.

We build an exact replica of the Amsterdam city centre somewhere in a polder, but without Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House, coffee shops, red light district, souvenir shops, all shops and businesses, AirBNB and parking lots. And of course without those are non-inclusive letters IAMSTERDAM. All Amsterdrammers who think they should release their city emissions (whatever that may mean), can move for free here. This city is only on foot or by bike to visit but not by tourists. They get their own screened internet with free uncompromising versions of the Volkskrant, Trouw and Het Parool. The Amsterdrammers can enjoy their benefits and subsidies in the length of days, and unimpeded each other about CO2 and the sound of roller cases.

The original Amsterdam becomes such a nice city that even Rotter Dammers want to make daytrips to it again.

I really didn’t want to think about this answer but it kept sitting in my head.Environmental issues are already being measured a lot and I am far from being an expert to say a few things. Nevertheless, I dare to try. Dear Quorans, In this answer let us therefore take the environmental argument here outside well?

Environment, it makes sense somewhere that Amsterdam would want to be free of emissions in 10.5 years.In Amsterdam (and Rotterdam by the way), the sky is so bad that you have 6 cigarettes a day.The government has an active anti-smoking policy and since a year more and more smoke-free zones have arisen in the Netherlands with as predecessor Groningen.

To complete the anti-smoking story here a quote from a website managed by Trimbos Institute:

Children are more vulnerable to more than adults, because they are still in development.

  • When children grow up in a house that is regularly smoked indoors, they are more likely to have asthma, ear infection, cough, tightness and meningitis.
  • The lungs of children who are more developed are less well-off than those of non-lake-picking children.
  • Children who are often more likely to start smoking later.
  • In young children, a smoky environment creates a doubly high probability of sudden death.

In that light, it is very logical somewhere that the Amsterdam City council already want to finish in 2030 of petrol cars in the centre.

So prohibit those cars anyway and the trucks and the boats (commercial, pleasure boating and otherwise).Then there must be alternatives. For example, how will stores be supplied differently. Or the dirt fetched? Or.. < fill reason for gasoline vehicle in>.

Let’s tackle the plan differently:

And on the map of Amsterdam outlined:

Ok so the situation is outlined.. Now back to the question: Is this feasible?
Given that political heavyweight Sharon Dijksma is alderman of air quality. I assume that she has thought about it.

What does the report say:

The report is further sound.

Each means of transport indicates where to go. The city will want to invest in charging stations for different vehicles, the entire fleet of the municipality will become electric (I don’t see anything directly about hydrogen, but that can be your scissors under electric).

There is nothing concrete about technical feasibility.Excavators, aggregrates and other large machines would also fall under this policy as long as the technique allows it. Wood and Pellet stoves get their own report by the end of 2019.

All in all very nice and theoretically somewhere to do.I have some questions

  • People do long with a car.. More than 10 years, not to mention Oldtimers.. They do not allow OK.. But the inhabitants only need to buy a new car?

How to fix this

  • Is the freight traffic and large traffic already electric in 2030 and is it already implemented on a large scale?
  • If the whole country does not commit itself to this plan, the problem is not simply squeezed out of the region.
  • It would have a more serious effect if the entire Randstad is connecting to it. This makes economic interest more

  • On a nautical level, there is already a veeel experiment with hydrogen and solar panels.
  • Is this going to be continued and adopted to such an extent that emissions are reduced? Of course, enforcement by issuing licences and fines is a good means but can it be absorbed?

    With Femke Halsema (groenlinks) and Sharon Dijksma (PvdA) in the municipal council, it is not entirely surprising that this policy has emerged.I personally find it really good. Ambition is healthy and human health has been at stake for years. This alone makes it a moral obligation to deal with it decisively. Something I also expected from the government. I am afraid that all the major cities should go along with it to make it really a great success.

    Why not.How beautiful would it be if the air in Amsterdam feels just as healthy as on the Veluwe? It is feasible and government officials are sticking their necks out to do what. It only requires a behavioral change of mass… Let that be just one of the most challenging things.

    Sources (not in any logical order due to laziness):
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    Groningen designates first non-smoking ZONES: umcg, Prince Claus Conservatory and Alfa-College (Admiral de Ruyterlaan)
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    This is not achieved, only on paper.Just like that you get “green power”, which is not green, only on paper. Emissions are, of course, done, but that is “compensated” somewhere else and all of this happens on paper…. And paper is Veeeeerrrrry patient.

    By setting goals you also give the free thinkers and developers a chance.I am more concerned about the emissions of air traffic above Amsterdam.

    Making public transport free and totally electric

    Of course, but unfortunately that is anything but realistic, because do not THINK that the King (in) with consequence, “followers” and guests make use of it when there is another state visit in the palace on the dam.

    Karst Tates is not there anymore, but there are still enough Republicans about…

    Anne Faber could not protect them from Michael Panhuis, netzomin as the seven victims of G枚kmen Tanis and Thijs Hermans together.

    Can be at most with armoured vehicles and I do not see one-two-three on those charging Poles.

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