Electric driving means less consumption of fossil fuels. How do oil-producing countries look at this? Are they working against it?

You have to look at the past 20 to 30 years.Further back there was the oil crisis in the years 70. It is know that fossil fuels are finite, that they run out. It is know that the oil is pumped up in countries where certain human rights are “very important” and that this money is used to buy “toys” and to convey the message of “more human rights”. Wars have been fought. The EU has done nothing to be less dependent and to indirectly sponsor human rights. More so, In Belgium, we have to adapt the basic labour legislation, and all sorts of things have been tinkered to circumvent their own labour legislation. The company car for example. Belgium is a fileland, is virtually bankrupt and therefore does not need more cars. But the excise duty on fuel, the VAT on wagons and the income via road tax, tax and VAT on maintenance and insurance makes it necessary to keep the empty plundered Treasury somewhat straight. The Belgian state is totally in the hands of the car lobby. Lawsuits against emissions fraud therefore have no chance, judges are still politically appointed and politics does not benefit from fewer cars (you once had to see the degout ante details of a lawsuit, 1 address). We are all against climate warming, but no one is doing anything about it. That is, the opinion is not an opinion, you can only have an opinion if you also take responsibility yourself, do something or bear the cost of the solution. Diesel and especially the Sjoemel diesels have had tens of thousands of people, especially the elderly and people with lung-related illnesses, died earlier than otherwise. To say, it is really mnisous that such matters have not led to convictions and damages. This was the case in the US. There are employees convicted, heavy damages paid. Germany even refuses to deliver one of hara burgers (a very important and wealthy German). Globalism is the norm for the EU but not when it comes to its own crooks. The German economy is an important part of the car sales.

Everyone wants to sell more, including the oil-producing countries.They determine the price via appointments (OPEC) and choose how much they deserve. The US has become oil producing land via fracking (environment!). I.e:

  • Scarcity is becoming a panic story to scare people and they are obviously kicking in. You can see that over the last thirty years, where new fields were found.

But also that certain techniques to win oil become profitable as the price of oil rises. This extraction is not counted as “oilfield” but they are there. The predictions of thirty years ago have not been due to scarcity, and that is not to the ever more economical or the uninstallation of dependence, on the contrary.

  • The finances of certain countries are very much determined by oil and therefore no politician will be so stupid to shoot in their own feet.
  • Belgium is already bankrupt (Repartition system pensions means that all revenues from past decades have been spent including contributions for the pensions of people who are now retiring and, moreover, a debt of more than 100% of GDP and Most state properties have already been sold) and that money has not gone to society or the infrastructure. We can safely say that Belgium is Sicily in the North Sea.

  • If a brand of cars from scratch can make electric cars and sells them as well.
  • That these cars have a much better autonomy and impressive specifications (similar to sports car) then you know that oil producing companies and automakers have every interest in NOT innovating and NOT REALLY wanting to make an electric car . While billions of innovation have been supported over the past decades, they have not performed anything. That is not a coincidence.

    Short-term thinking and backwardness are of all people.Allegedly it was Einstein who said: “two things are infinite, the universe, and human stupidity.But from the universe I’m not quite sure yet. “

    There is no econ omic risk if you pay lobbyists a few million and therefore continue earning billions each year.If anyone had ever had 1 brain cell in 1970, we were oil independent for a long time. This was better for the environment, imported fanaticism, human rights worldwide, women’s rights, the quality of life (file stress) and so much more.

    Was the Boudwijn the great who sang “but yes, the money always goes for it.”?There is nothing new under the sun.

    Thanks, Quora user, for the question.

    Many oil-producing countries are also aware that the available quantity of oil is limited. The ecological damage is a huge economic risk if they look no further than oil.

    First of all, the energy from the charging column has to come from somewhere.This is not just a matter of sustainable energy. Green power does not exist. For the solar panels and windmills and hydropower plants, raw materials must also be used, which generate unbreakable waste materials.

    The electricity used is just as well generated in coal and oil fired power plants.Or in nuclear reactors.

    But beyond that, it is not the oil-producing countries that try to replace those fossil fuels, but the oil-exporting countries.

    The oil-producing countries supply their products as long as there is demand. As the development of alternatives does not get off the ground quickly (start-up costs, development costs), they do not have any worries about their future.They do not have to work against it, because it is not yet to exploit rendsbel.

    Should that ever be possible, those countries will be able to pick up their job.

    If they are clever, they are going to hydrogen with solar panels before the oil is on.Then they stay in the energy business. Sun enough there. And space as well.

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