Each year a significant number of students stop studying (or switch to another study). How and when did you know what you wanted to study?

I already thought in the underbuilding to history or literature.Finally, there was no real choice anymore. There were 3 tens on my final list gymnasium, although also a 9 history, but it seemed idiotic to ignore the manifest talent for languages. The choice fell on my mother tongue, without me knowing I wanted to become a teacher. That was not the ideal choice, but 2 years of university Lectorate in Germany solved that problem. I was proficient enough in German to continue as a translator. With over 75 years I still do so with love.

I made my study choices only in the last months of high school.After my diploma HAVO was my original plan MTS or HTS to follow like my brother. But after a visit to such a school, the spark did not really hit. To save some time I switched to VWO. At that time, I was possessed of the books of Stephen Hawking and dreamed of learning relativity theory and quantum mechanics. But I was afraid not to be smart enough. I had heard that only the best of school physics were going to study and I wasn’t. My other interests were art and music. For a long time I have switched my choice between art school, conservatory, Technical chemistry and physics. After a visit to the physics department of the University of Nijmegen I knew it only for sure. And indeed, the first year the lecture hall was filled with the smartest students of the country. The professor then said on the first day: “Look to the left of you, look to the right of you, one of these people will not see you again after the end of this first year”. Luckily I graduated and learned theoretical physics. I did quickly because the profession was very competitive. You have to be almost married to your profession in order to move forward.

After graduating, I rolled into IT and got a lot of fun in IT. With my physics background I can always give a different twist to solving complex problems.But, I miss the physics though. Nowadays I do all the same. My bread comes on the shelf by the IT, I make art and music for my enjoyment and stay fascinated by the developments in physics. Would I not have been able to study informatics better? I think not. At the university you will not learn a profession but solve the most complex problems. With a university physics diploma I could actually do all sides.

Many students take the VWO-WO route.This was already cut off at my school choice at the age of 12 (now yes, almost cut off, and I was therefore very demotivated). Long story and after 30 years not really relevant. But yes, you are on the MAVO and you still need to know what you want to do after the school around your 15th. Not a clue of course.
So looking and looking, most things weren’t fun.But somewhere there was a word what was stuck: “Troubleshooter”. This seemed to me a bit, especially on the business side. And the best option was an economic follow-up training.

During that follow-up training (MEAO) I was taught by a lecturer who had worked for years in marketing.He loved teaching the commercial and business economy. His personality and discipline attracted me, but I was a bit finished with the speed with which things went. Way too slow.
I decided to put the bar very high, very high.Because, the training that became huge (being?) valued in marketing was not the HBO commercial economy, but the diplomas of the NIMA (Netherlands Institute for Marketing).
Then in a year’s time you push through a substantial part of the HBO training, with a very strong focus on the economic subjects and less on the general subjects such as mathematics and languages.I have been one of the few in that year both my NIMA A and B diploma.

I am then another blue Monday on a full HBO course (direction Business Economics, complementary to my marketing training), but that was nothing at all.Immature students, slow as syrup, many teachers with a completely different drive as on the NIMA training (at the NIMA training all business people who teach next to their work).

I have been working in financial services for almost 20 years now, which is a lot different as my Marketing training.But it is very close to my heart: at the cutting edge of economics and ICT.
If I still start a university degree, it will be in the economic direction.And with that, my choice at 15 years of age was so bad yet.

Ehhmmm I still don’t know for sure.To be honest I always wanted to have juf words. Then I went to the Pabo and found that nothing to be for me. Then I am going to study rights. Actually, I wanted to get my propedeuse and then to university criminology. Now I have my HBO rights and I study at the uni for my most common title. The boxes are nice but I don’t know what to do with it later

I knew quite late what I wanted to study: halfway through 6 VWO I made my choice.

My school had my classmates and I went to study scholarships, and there was also school education on what would involve higher learning, but I really had no idea.

In the end I knew first of all what I didn’t want and were only the preconditions me clear: studying far from my parents, on rooms, the wide world in, etc.

It was the professional choice of family members (on the side of my mother have studied several human rights) who drew me on the line.But… I did not win my first year of law. And then not my second year either.

Only now I know that at that time I was just not ready for a life on myself and the endless freedom within some university studies.At VWO I had enough points with minimal effort, but now there was a need to have it.

After my first two years I switched to something I did much rather: sitting behind the computer.But my new love: Informatics, was also just a short life.

It has come well with me anyway.My scholarship ceased after three years, but I was happy to work after my first two years. That job I could build up. After a short breather I picked up law again and finally I finished that study (part-time).

I have had to search for the best school myself, and have spent 2 journeys for the best school.This has cost me 2 years this is best sin of valuable time.

Therefore I started the website deschoolwijzer- search engine for the best schools .Here you can fill in a questionnaire to find the best school for you. And you register for the Open days so that you can really choose the best school

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