Donald Trump wants to make straws great again and is doing election advertising with it. Is that funny?


I have to read every day about how stupid the guy is supposedly.

since he met with Kim, the evil North Korean dictator, and made a friendly peace agreement with him among friends ….. (everyone was afraid that he would blow up the world)…… and the whole thing was arranged by Dennis Rodman!…..since then I think he is so clever that he is only misunderstood by others.

Footnote: Dennis Rodman is a scrappy, cocooned tattooed basketball player and Kim is probably a fan of him.

But Obama, who has bombed a lot of people, has won a Nobel Peace Prize!

How many people did Trump bomb?

He solves things in an unconventional way and does not go the paths that others go.

and he does not behave as a politician “should” behave and who have always done it.

And now the

Donald Trump doesn’t understand excitement over plastic straws – WORLD

and everyone is upset about him again.

he has his name printed on straws as an election advertisement!

I think it’s just amazing.

now I’ll show you something else.

This is my straw depot.

when it was clear that they would be banned, I put in stock.

I rarely need them, so they will last forever.

on this occasion I will show you something else

I can’t show them all to you, but I can assure you they’re going to be very long.

I don’t have a single energy-saving lamp at home.

back to the drinking straws.

in any case, there is now this situation in the supermarket.It’s just everywhere, all over again, once- plastic gloves, every time you take out a bun.

they now always have three two-legged basil in a hard plastic bowl.

there are now these ready-made salads and ready meals for the office everywhere.

but they take away the super-thin plastic bags for the vegetables.

in the plastic dishes department there are still plates, cups, bowls, everything!

but no more drinking straws.

and they should then be made of glass!….imagine if that splinters? Or be made of bamboo……

I think Trump is kind of brilliant that I could roll myself on the ground.

It is clear that the people who come up with this completely crazy rule and laws are upset about him.

It is a modern Till owl mirror.

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